Top 5 Home remedies to unclog the drain

Every household person has to face a problem in the house and that is Drain Repair Wellington. Now, this has become a common problem in every household. We don’t get worried about certain things, as much as we get worried about drainage problems.

Sometimes this problem starts in the kitchen, sometimes it starts in the bathroom. If you are also facing the same problem then without wasting time, call an expert plumber and get a drain repair at home. They know very well where the problem is starting and where it’s going to end.

Not every drainage problem is a big one, there are certain solutions which we can do by ourselves. Sometimes there is a problem of drains which we can also cure ourselves by opting for home remedies. As you know, in the past there were no plumber experts, so everyone used to do it from home remedies.

The main problem of having the drainage problem is the smell. The foul smell of drain is the worst in the whole world. It includes all kinds of ingredients in it, like from the kitchen waste to the bathroom ones. These types of problems are not good for health.

So, today we are going to talk about the same home remedies that are going to help you unclog the drain. If you feel the problem is big, then I would say you should take help from an expert and don’t do it on your own.

Home remedies to unclog the drain

Grandma Remedy:

I’m calling it grandma remedy because my grandma used to do this remedy whenever there was a drain problem. She used to fill water in a bowl and put it on the gas to heat it. When the water heated up properly, she threw the water into the drain slowly.

But if you have a porcelain sink then do not use this remedy because it can affect your sink. But this is perfectly fine for other types of the sink. The hot water clears the dirt which is stuck there. It melts any hard substance if present there.

Detergent powder:

Whenever we think about the detergent we only think about washing clothes but we can use it in many ways. Same as in the drain problem you use it to unclog the drain. Let me tell you how!

Take a teacup and add detergent powder. Add some amount of water, mix it well and pour it into the drain, wait for 10 minutes. This detergent will act as a lubricant. After 10 minutes pour the water on it again and you will see that all the dirt will wash away.

Cloth hanger:

Now you must be thinking of how a cloth hanger can help you out to solve the drainage problem? But it is true! You can easily solve your problem with this hanger. Take a hanger and straighten it as much as you can. Now, from one end bend it in a U-shape.

When it completely turned into the U-shape, put the bent area into the clogged area. Rotate it a little inside so that whatever dirt is deep inside, it sticks with it. Then pull the hanger up. You will see all the dirt has come out with the hanger. Once it’s done then pour the water on it and that’s it.

Soda, Pepsi, and Coke

Everyone loves to drink soda in summer times. But do you know that with the same soda you can also cure your drain? Soda works exactly as your expectation. Take a 2ltr soda then pour it into the drain and leave it for 10 min then wash it.

Soda has ingredients that help to clean the drain. Don’t keep the soda in the fridge and keep it at room temperature. If you want the best results then ignore the diet soda.

Plunger Plunger!

A Toilet plunger is the best way to clean your drain because it is the easiest and convenient to do. If you are going to clean your kitchen sink drain then make sure to remove the metal strainer before going to do this process.

When you start this be sure that you continue the fast motion until the drain is not clean. You can also do it by adding baking soda to the drain. Keep it for 20 mins. Repeat it for best results.

Wooden Stick

This method I think everyone would do it in their house. It is easy to do and it does not require much hard work. All you have to do is take a cloth and lock it in the end of a wooden stick and make sure that the cloth ball should be round in shape.

This will surely help in cleaning the drain easily. In traditional times people used to clean their drains with this method. Here cloth helps in absorbing the dirty water which has been clogged for some time.

Easy And Simple

These tricks have been easy and simple for everyone. If the problem has been a small one then these can be useful. But if the drainage is creating problems for so much time, then you should call an expert or a plumber. Just remember that this kind of drain problem should not be kept open for so long. This indeed results in the breeding of insects, a foul smell, and also increases the chances of having diseases.

Trying out the easy methods is a great way to stop the small drainage issues. But for the long term you need a plumber. They can fix all the issues in just minutes. Treating a big drainage problem is necessary for you and your neighbour as well.

Think about this very seriously. If you have children and elderly people in your home then it should not be taken lightly. It can cause serious health issues like dengue, diarrhoea, chikungunya etc. So, don’t take small measures for big problems and go for experts or plumbers.

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