Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Hanging Planters

Usually made of earth or plastic, a planter is a small pot that is used for planting small plants inside and outside of a home/commercial setup. The scarcity of space in densely populated towns/cities and people crave for being close to nature have paved the way for the use of planters for creating small gardens. And this has led an increase in the production and demand of planters.

Wall hanging planters are a set of multiple layers of rack used to hang on the wall and hold floral or plant pots. In the contemporary world, a lot of people use such planters to bring nature to their homes or decorate living rooms. It is sure you will be looking for a wooden planter if you are one of such people. Here are some basic points that you should consider while purchasing it:

1. Material
In general, a hanging planter is made of wood and ropes. It is essential for you to look at what type of wood and rope is used in its production process. As far as possible, opt for the one, which is made of high-grade MDF wood. Such a wooden planter is sturdy and lasts for a more extended period. In addition, you must know the quality of ropes that are used to hang it from the wall.

2. Finishing
In your home, you want everything fine, as its irregularity can make or destroy the look from both inside and outside. Looking for fine finishing is crucial for you when it comes to shop hanging wooden planters. Bad finishing can cause problems while making any changes in the existing installed place. You must opt for the one with matte finish.

3. Colours
In your purchase of wall hanging planters, you must value colour choice. Select the colour for your hanging wooden planters that matches with the wall colour of your home or commercial setup. Otherwise, wrong colour selection will make your interior look bad.

4. Shapes
Typically, hanging wooden planters are available in different shapes – round, rectangle, egg, oval, heart, diamond, etc. Each shape has its own meaning and usage. For example, take a heart shaped planter. Shop this one when you decide to present such one to show your love or affection to your closed one.

5. Sizes and Layers
Wall hanging planters are available in small to big sizes and 1-3 layers. A set of small and single layer hanging wood planters is ideal for you when you want to place one small plant as per your desired place on your home/office walls. Opt for buying a set of big and multiple layer planters if you are willing to have a small in-house garden on your living room or reception area walls.

In the purchase of hanging wooden planters, you invest your hard-earned money. To value your money and interior decoration, you should buy wooden planters that are made of superior quality materials and suit your required shape, size, and layers. And never forget to value the planter colour to suit your home decoration.

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