Watch Out For These Roof Repair Scams

Roof repair is a time-sensitive task when you are struggling with damage caused by a storm. Your roof is an important part of the house because it protects everything inside your home. This is the reason you are easily pressured into picking the first roofing contractor that comes along in your search. Urgency is the quickest way to fall prey to roofing scammers.

You know how? Because not all roofers are in this for the benefit of their patrons. Some of them use varied tactics to scam you and make more money off of you. The most common one being the need for replacement roof, even when you don’t need one. There are many such tricks they use to convince you to spend more money unless you choose the right contractors who only ask you to pay what they rightfully deserve.

But in order to choose the right ones, you must know who not to choose. However, with so many Roof Repair Services In Los Angeles, it can be tricky to tell the scammers from a genuine contractor. Luckily, the scam artists often follow the same tricks, making it easy for you to spot them.

In this article, we will share some of the most common scams you can watch out for to protect yourself against expensive errors of judgment.

Inadequate Roof Repair

Inadequate roof repairs are a quick way to scam you because it could months before you realize that you have been tricked. All it takes is one storm to tell you that the problem wasn’t exactly fixed. A roof is a multi-layered structure that can be fixed from outside, making it attractive with some paints or new shingles without actually repairing the underlying issue. Not restoring the necessary faults in time can lead to further damage or more expensive repairs down the line. The best way to avoid this situation is to hire a contractor that can give you guarantees on their repair work. They should cover all reparation costs if the work performed by them falls through within a certain time frame. A good contractor will never really shy away from backing up their own work.

Too many repairs

In this scam, the roofing company will create extra fixes by things that aren’t exactly broken. This scam is impossible to avoid and you may never really know that you have been tricked unless you take a written quote from them about all the repairs they are planning to do. You can then take a second or third opinion from other contractors to ensure that they are all recommending the same fixes. If not, then you know you are being tricked. The same trick can be used to prevent overcharging. Multiple quotes from various contractors will give you an idea about the ongoing market rate and help you choose the one that gives you maximum value for your money.

Beware of storm chasers

Storm chasers come knocking at your doorstep after a weather warning is issued. They usually come from outside the town and are easy to spot from their out-of-town license plate as well as phone numbers. You will hardly ever find a genuine contractor among these storm chasers and almost always fail to provide valid customer references. To avoid being scammed by these storm chasers, you should always consider working with a contractor who is located in your own area that can be easily verified for professionalism and authenticity.

Hidden damages

There will be times when a contractor will knock on your door and tell you about a damage to your rooftop that doesn’t actually exist. This is a warning sign because they will likely ask you to go up and assess the gravity of damage. In their “assessment” they may often cause an actual damage to make money off of you. Never allow unauthorized roofers inside your property or to inspect your roof.

Tips For Avoiding Roofing Scams

Now that you know common scams, here are the tips to avoid these scams.

  • Check company website: the best way to verify a company’s credentials is by checking their website. You can also search for online reviews and what others have to say.
  • Check company reputation: Only work with contractors who have verifiable reputation and don’t mind sharing references for further due diligence.
  • Ask for license and insurance details: You can also verify the insurance and license details to determine the legitimacy of business.
  • Never rush: Take your time to find a roofer and never do it in a rush. If you feel that your roof is showing signs of trouble, start looking for a contractor before it becomes a bigger problem.

Follow these tips and talk to multiple professionals before choosing the one.

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