What are the benefits of playing cucumber?

Because calories are low in fat, it helps to reduce weight and also contains 96% water in the body. Flavonoid in rabbits protects you from chronic diseases.

Controls high blood pressure:
Vitamin C, silica, potassium, magnesium and sasha help control high blood pressure. Also, fats contain a substance called sterol that helps control cholesterol. Sterol also helps prevent erosion.

Keeps body cool:
The fiber rich in fiber and fluid helps to increase body fat and water intake. On a hot day, you can mix celery juice with sesame juice. This will help keep the body temperature normal.

On skin health:
Sasha also works well for skin health. Cucumber slices, juices, etc. are very useful in keeping the skin clean. The connective tissue of the silica malus, cartilage, ligament, formed in the rash. Mineral rich sugars are quite useful for nails, teeth and gums.

Controlling acidity:
You can put cucumber in the diet to solve problems of digestion and constipation. Because raspberry contains the enzyme called erypsin. Fresh cucumber juice is also useful in gastritis, ulcers and ulcers. Sasha maintains pH balance in the body. If healthy kidney, kidney, bladder, liver and pancreas can keep the diet in the diet. Cucumber or cucumber juice is also useful for patients with diabetes.

cucumber benefits

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