What are the health risks of mosquito coils, liquid and aerosols?

To avoid mosquito bites, he always keeps mosquito incense at home. But have you thought about the harmful effects it has on the body?

The amount of smoke in a mosquito incense is equal to about 4 cigarette smoke. So if you are in a house burning this incense goes without saying how much damage is done to the body.

If you are not careful, you will call your own danger.

How harmful?
The pyrethrum is the main ingredient of mosquito incense. It is the main pesticide of this incense that works well for mosquitoes. This material is made from the extracts of the lunar flower.

Various studies have shown that mosquito fumes are so toxic because of this pyrethrum chemical.

These fumes contain various toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or formalin. Therefore, keeping the mosquito incense in a closed room for 7-8 years can cause many nasty diseases in the body.

Health risks
Headache, relaxation, nerve impairment, asthma, tendency to breathe may increase. Damages the eyes. Increases emotional stress, worries insomnia.If you have a habit of burning this incense for at least 7-8 years every day, it can cause cancer in the body. There is a special possibility of lung cancer.

mosquito coils cons

So now the question – how can we get rid of mosquitoes to avoid physical harm?

In earlier ages mosquito coils, spray was nothing. How did the people of the day be saved from mosquitoes? So let’s take a look at some of the old but natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes –

1. Use of lemon and cloves

Chop the lemon and make a lot of cloves on the inside. Insert a whole clove of cloves into the lemon, leaving only the side of the clove’s head. Then place the lemon slices on a plate and place them in the corner of the room. However, it can be free from mosquitoes for several days. In this way, mosquitoes will be completely eliminated. You can also make a clove of lemon in the window grill if you want. The mosquitoes will not enter the house.

2. Use of Neem Oil

Neem mosquitoes possess a special quality. Neem oil is also good for the skin. So you can use neem oil to get two benefits together.Mix equal amount of neem oil and coconut oil and apply to the skin. You will see mosquitoes not crowding near your side, as well as allergies, infections and other problems.

3. Burn the tea leaves

Dry without leaving the tea leaves and dry in the sun. That way, use that tea leaf instead of smoke. All the mosquitoes, flies in the house will escape in the smoke of dry tea leaves.

4. Burn the pears

The smoke that will be burned in a coal or charcoal fire is very effective for expelling mosquitoes.In addition, the smoke that burns with dry naphtha powder is also very effective for expelling mosquitoes.

5. Tulsi-mint and Nimtapar solution

Take basil, nympatta and mint leaves in a pot and boil them with water and cool and make a thin mixture or solution, taking care that the water boils for a little while so that all the leaves are mixed with water.Then pour this mixture into a spray bottle and store it in the fridge.When needed, spray this solution on your hands, feet, feet and rub it like oil. The mosquito won’t even come to you.

7. Catnip Oil

All the mosquito products available in the market are used DEET, whose chemical name (Diethyle-Meta-to-lua-mide) is harmful to our health.Catnip oil does not penetrate the mosquito nets, nor does it harm your body because the catnip oil is a natural oil and contains a substance called ne-pe-tal-actone, which is about 4 times more powerful than DEET to dispel mosquitoes.

Catnip and mint tree belong to the same family and some scientists from the American Chemical Society have researched this information.

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