What is a coma and how to get into it? Also, why can’t doctors wake people from coma?

Coma is a chronic unconscious condition. While in a coma, a human being is unresponsive to his environment. However, even in deep sleep, others wake up in agony or excitement, the person in a coma can not do it. This is why doctors cannot wake people in a coma.

How is a coma or how does a person get into a coma?

Coma is caused by an injury to the brain. The brain injury may be due to increased pressure, bleeding, oxygen deficiency or toxin deposition. While this injury may be temporary and reversible, it is not uncommon to be permanent. More than 5% of coma is related to head trauma or brain circulatory disorder. Among the problems that can lead to a coma, among them are –

Trauma: Inflammation of the head and / or bleeding from the head (reticular activation system) or RAS can occur. This part of the brain causes arousal and awareness.

Inflammation: Inflammation of the brain tissue can occur without injury. Often, this inflammation occurs due to lack of oxygen, electrolytic imbalance or hormone imbalance.

Bleeding: A coma due to inflation and narrowing of the injured part for bleeding at the brain level. Brainstem and RAS can damage the brain for contraction. In addition to high blood pressure, cerebral aneurysm, and tumor injury, brain bleeding can occur.

Stroke: A coma can occur when there is no major blood flow to the brain stem or inflamed blood vessels.

Blood Sugar: Diabetes can occur when blood sugar levels are abnormally high in diabetic people. This is called hyperglycemia. In contrast, abnormally low blood sugar levels cause hypoglycemia, but coma occurs.

Oxygen Deficiency: Oxygen is essential for the functioning of the brain. When cardiac arrest occurs, blood flow to the brain and oxygen may suddenly stop. This is called hypoxia or anoxia. After a cardiopulmonary resection (CPR), he often goes into a coma. Although submerged in water or interrupted by breathing, oxygen deficiency can occur.

Infection: The person infected with central nervous system infection like meningitis or encephalitis can go into coma.

Toxin: Coma can occur if the toxins in the body are not combined to get out. For example, liver disease can be caused by ammonia, carbon dioxide in severe asthma or urea in kidney failure. High levels of drugs and alcohol impair the functioning of neurons in the brain.

Caesar: A rare case of a single Caesar is a coma. However, chronic seizures (epilepticus) can lead to chronic unconsciousness and coma.

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