What Is The Outlook Of Upcoming Global Nitrogen Generator Market?

Nitrogen generator offers cost-efficient onsite generation of nitrogen gas

Nitrogen (N2) generator market is witnessing rapid expansion of nitrogen gas market servicing numerous industries including food & beverage, transportation, medical & pharmaceuticals, electrical & electronics, chemical, etc. New advances in technology allow businesses to reap profits in rapidly changing economic scenarios. It is of utmost importance for every company in the nitrogen gas business to understand the patterns of market shifts in order to benefit and stay in the business. For garnering a greater share of the market it is imperative that you stay ahead of the competition through an efficient & effective strategy. Only those nitrogen producing companies will ride the upcoming growth that will take a head start and develop an edge over their competitors.

Nitrogen generators market outlook-2026

Global nitrogen generators market was valued at 11,776.1 million in 1918 which is now forecast to cross 17,435.5 million dollars by the year 2026 clocking a growth rate of CAGR of 4.9%. However, this growth will not be uniformly distributed across the globe. Some regions will grow faster while others will at a slower pace and few regions might not budge on the curve. At present, North American region is the fastest growing nitrogen gas market followed by the European market. In the outlook 2026 for nitrogen gas business we will see significant shift as there will be a steady rise in the production of N2 in the Asia-Pacific region in countries like India, China, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. Companies in the region are likely to witness consolidation of small businesses into big industrial gas companies on the line of North American and European companies.

South America is another region which you can ignore at your own peril. The region has long been underperforming because of faulty economic policies. Market analysts view the continent with huge untapped potential. Once the governments in the region get their heads together and embark on policy correction the region will burst forth into massive economic activity. So it is important for all nitrogen generator making companies to train their eyes on countries like Argentine, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia as future drivers of growth in the demand for nitrogen gas. Manufacturing activities will spurt in these countries once the disruption of pandemic subsides. The companies that will have given themselves a head start will gain the most. It goes without saying that gas businesses that are caught unprepared will lose a great chance to corner a share in the important emerging market.

Nitrogen generators: Applications in different industries

Nitrogen generators (liquid nitrogen plant) are used for producing onsite nitrogen gas on-demand with unlimited supply without any interruption. The most important advantage of using the generator is that it is less prone to downtime with considerably lower maintenance costs and a life-cycle over 25 years.  It does not need to be over-emphasized that it offers the most reliable and cost-effective method for getting continuous supply of nitrogen gas. In comparison with nitrogen cylinders, it provides a far better reliability; profitability as well as sustainability—needs less power consumption, longer operational life leaving lesser footprints carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of the planet. Undeniably, sustainability and cost-efficiency of onsite N2 production units are some of the important factors expected to drive the global nitrogen gas business market. Numerous end-user industries like food & beverages, electronics assembly, refineries, chemicals, medical & pharmaceuticals and others will be the key drivers of growth in the industry. The demand will be further boosted by application of onsite generation nitrogen as dielectric gas in high-voltage equipment, fire suppression and corrosion control. Capability of generating nitrogen with 99.99% purity will be the key driving factor.

Nitrogen generator market outlook by generator type and end-user industry

There are broadly three types of nitrogen generators categorized on the basis of the technology used in their manufacturing and fabricating. The three types of generators are described below:

  • PSA nitrogen generator
  • Membrane nitrogen generator
  • Cryogenic nitrogen generator

Most important driver of growth in the market will be PSA generator which uses pressure swing adsorption technology. The technique uses two towers comprising of carbon molecule sieves with atmospheric air entering from the bottom passing through carbons molecular sieves. High purity nitrogen is allowed to pass through the CMS while unwanted gases like oxygen are absorbed in the CMS.

The other significant driver will be the membrane nitrogen generator that uses array of membranes fibers for separation of nitrogen through selective permeation of the compressed air. Impurities such as moisture and oxygen are permeated back into the atmosphere while the remaining nitrogen is kept for storage.

Nitrogen plant uses cryogenic distillation for liquefaction of atmospheric air and then separation of atmospheric air into constituent gases like nitrogen and oxygen. The desired gas is further distilled for obtaining the desired purity.

Demand in N2 generator market by end-user industry type is expected to be led by food and beverages which requires nitrogen for preserving taste, color, odor and integrity of food products. Transportation is another industry where demand is expected to grow significantly followed by medical and pharmaceuticals.

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