Why More Families Now Avail The Services Of Pre-matrimonial Investigation?

Hiring a private detective for investigation into background check is a trend that is rising in demand across India. As parents these days are informed about the risks that marriage without proper background check leads to, they find in sleuths a panacea to their apprehensions. After all, nobody would ever like to marry off their son or daughter with someone they not know much about.

Plus, online matrimonial sites are not helpful beyond a point as cases are galore where people have created false profile to dupe others in the pretext of good impression. This is where private detectives appear a safe bet as they can do background checks with so finesse and professionalism that nobody can ever doubt if their background is secretly checked.

Here are some of reasons why more families now avail the services of pre-matrimonial investigation-

Matrimonial sites don’t always depict the right picture    

Even if you have found a right bride or groom from a matrimonial website, this does not mean you have found the right match.  After all, such sites have tons of fake profiles with fake photos, wrong personal bios, inflated salary information and other misleading details. These sites are definitely helpful but beyond a point you need someone to find out whether all the information provided are accurate. Since you alone can’t look into all the details about the prospective groom or bride, it’s always better to hire the services of a marriage detective to ease the worries. When a proper background check before marriage is done for you by a private detective agency in Mumbai it means you’re laying the foundation of a happy and prosperous life for your progeny.

Marriage detectives do a complete background check

Another good thing about marriage detectives is that they can do a complete background check if needed. Apart from trusting them for finding you key details about the bride or groom, you can also expect them to run a background check on the family members. So, on one hand, you get accurate information on the job, office, salary, finances, habits of the bride or groom, you can even go a step further and ask  the detective to do a check on the financial health of the complete family. Since most parents often wish to marry off their progeny in a well-off and decent family, it’s therefore not surprising that why some of them hire detectives to check even criminal record of the family.

Detectives can also check about any previous marriage or divorce

There have been cases in which someone married despite having a previous marriage, or someone hiding their divorce with the new spouse. When you find a perfect match from matrimonial sites such information can never be verified. Taking help of relatives for background check is common but then the peace of mind comes only when you have an expert doing the job and bringing the accurate information. Risks are many when a marriage takes place without proper background check and you certainly don’t want to jeopardize the future of your son or daughter when you have the services of matrimonial investigation.

Detectives can bring right information about finances

People speak lie a lot about money and in cases of marriage this happens quite regularly. Being a parent you should have some sort of information about the earning of the groom you see as a potential for your daughter. You should always know if there is any huge loan going against the person or his family and if possible you should also try to get some real information about the assets and property of the groom or their family. All such details are generally not discussed during matchmaking but then they must be known to paint a clear picture about the family you’re going to see off your daughter to. You can always trust a marriage detective to bring accurate information about the finances of the person in question.


Pre-matrimonial investigation is important as it helps you find a right match for your progeny and give you peace of mind. With an expert on your side in the form of a private investigator Mumbai you’re always sure of finding the accurate and useful information that can help you take an informed decision about the life partner of your son or daughter.

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