You Should Know About All Top Magento eCommerce SEO Trends of 2021

In the way of gaining some more information on Magento eCommerce SEO trends, I cross over many 2021 quoted articles but do not find anything that can blow my mind out. Yeah, some of them have a few in-trends facts, but most of them are the same old jargon of outdated content.

It pushes me to come up with a vivid list of working eCommerce SEO Trends you can use in 2021. It will not only improve your site’s position on the massive market of eCommerce stores but your sales.

Knock! Knock! Come back from the dreamy world of bumper sales, as we have to work a lot for that. Yes, Magneto has a bucketful functionalities added to boost the SEO of your eCommerce site. However, a handful of them you need to implement as Current Magento SEO tactics.

Enough of motivation, let’s jump in!

And yeah! Feel free to ask any question related to Magento SEO in the comment box, till then sit tight.  

Latest Magento eCommerce SEO Trends-  


  • Snippets- Most of the time newbie SEO’s blame Google for not showing their snippets (extra site information than Title and description) on SERP. But you have to implement it, if you want your Product, Reviews, Breadcrumbs, Events, FAQ, Categories as a snippet.


Well, if you don’t know then, these small snippets can boost your CTR up to 150%.

 In the case of Magento 2 structural data snippet, Go to Products > Catalog > choose a product and expand the SEO tab. This will allow you to edit and view visuals structural data displayed in SERP. Add the information on given tabs.


  1. Google Search Console Updates- Google added so much new in its Google Search Console included, Attributes, user metrics, E-A-T SEO, YMYL SEO, Mobile-First Indexing, BERT update. Rather than this, Google AMP now supports simple exchange, Google console API upgrade and more.

Where is:

E-A-T- Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness

YMYL- Your Money or Your Life

BERT- Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer


  • Voice commerce to ROI- Ordering, transaction, searches, and even inquiries are commanding via voice. Voice searches increase the possibilities of long-tail keyword searches, as users go on-and-on when they don’t have to write.


Additionally, you can upgrade voice scans for SEO, add natural languages and more. It is the least you can do when customers mention proper product names (keywords) but the day-to-day usual names.


Ask the SEO experts, are they not preparing their site for it? If they say “NO”, you are off the hook right away.


  • Headless commerce- The CMS system that can manage content without any frontend delivery layer is the current best example on Amazon. They successfully used it and benefited in the shape of conversion such as Amazon Echo and ordering dashboard implementation.


It goes with all frontend development, customization & personalization and flexibility & adaptability. Well, all that a customer urge to get from any site today.


  • Image searches- Yes! It started years back in 2001 when Google allowed users to search with the WWW for images. But is your online store prepared for it? If not, you can make it count by using these following tips:


  • Upload a file of every product you have to your online store
  • Relevant (not only keyword but visually) image title and description
  • Alt-text for better image understanding for Google crawlers
  • Visual search chat boots


For live examples, then: Amazon has a platform called Spark that allows customers to find shoppable images taken by them back to the main eCommerce page. For some more examples, you can check for Pinterest visual discovery tool and eBays’ updated AI.


  • Progressive Web App- When I say m-commerce, PWA can be the safest evolution. The anywhere & anytime reach of PWA serves and app-like experience is all that need. It covers all your worries related to speed and conversion and BookMyShow is the best example to learn.


From 170% of origins with PWA in 2020, it ensures the future for Magento SEO. And from the back of 2018 when PWA studio for Magento came into action, it started serving eCommerce for a better potential.


Statista states that online shopping reached $693 billion (2019) from $96.34 (2014), just because of the ease offered by PWA such as “offline” and “add to home screen”.


And what could better than this for SEO’s, to convert their strategies in a fruitful lead. 


  • Social Commerce- Today, business directly sells via their social media accounts. Whereas, some startups start only from social commerce. However, if you’re a Magento store owner, Magento 2 Facebook store integration is for you.


To make the point clear, take a look at some of the truthful stats on social media and understand how it’s making the trend.


  • Currently, FB has 45 billion active monthly users using the app.
  • On the sixth position, Instagram (a photo-sharing app) has 1 billion active monthly users.
  • Total active social media users worldwide are estimated to be 6 billion in 2020.
  • Social referral from retail eCommerce sites grew 110% just in the last two years.
  • Facebook ads increased by almost 30% in 2020 as compared to 2019.
  • Ecommerce spending on social media grows by 57% in 2020.


All voiced stats are showing the demand for social media platforms, where FB leads the race. And with the help of beforehand mentioned Magento store integration, you can lead with it too.


Note- If you lead to social media, you will rank through SEO too, as social media marketing is the vital part of marketing.


  • Video content with product image- Video content with product images is the foremost piece of content for enriching the quality of e-commerce. Users love video content and so does Google. Maybe that’s the reason Google cherishes the sites with video content. And if you started using both product image and video while using it together, it will surely target the right audience.


And if we talk about eCommerce, presenting products in form of video is like showing all the entire product, quality, use and feel together. It convinces customers more-and-more while exploring the product’s front or back.


Note- Yes, it will work like magic, but only with the right SEO strategy on a platform like Magento 2.


 Final point!


That’s all for the top Magento eCommerce SEO trends of 2021. For more knowledge like this, watch the space. And for any questions related to Magento eCommerce SEO or Magento, comment below.

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