10 Thoughtful Valentine Day Gifts for the Art Lover in Your Life

Usually, people find it difficult to select a unique gift for their special one, family members, friends, or relatives to present on a particular day such as birthday or Valentine’s Day. The job becomes a little tricky when you have to choose and present a gift to an art lover in your life. While being in the local market or on an eCommerce site like WallMantra, you find yourself helpless about what you should select and what you shouldn’t select for an artist in your life. To help you in this work, here is a list of some thoughtful suggestions on Valentine’s Day Gifts:


  1. The Perfect Book for an Art Lover

Buy an art book titled as Art: A Visual History, written by Robert Cumming. With it, your gift receiver will have a journey of numerous stunning art works, including masterpieces of Renaissance sculptors and the paintings of Impressionists. This book’s art theme is superb and its content with the colour, layout, and context to the works makes it an exceptional present for an art lover.   


  1. A Drafting Table

Every artist dreams of having a place where they can imagine or sit to let their creativity come out. Buying and producing an adjustable drafting table would be a great choice for you for the art lover in your life. The recipient can easily adjust it to a 60º to 0º angle. The availability of a glass top of a blue tint makes it a right table for tracing ideas for artwork.


  1. A Masterpiece

Gifting a masterpiece of his/her interest will be a valuable Valentine’s Day gift idea for you, whether the art lover of your life likes handcrafted items, paintings, or decorative items. Suppose that the person likes the items made of wood. You can purchase and present a wooden wall clock to him/her. You can opt for the one with a heart shape if the person is a lover or beloved to you.


  1. An Artist Carrying Case

An artist travels a lot to find something unique for his/her artwork. In the travel, he/she needs to carry all the requisite drawing items such as pens, markers, and scratches. You can opt for presenting an artist carrying case if you notice he/she hasn’t got this or his/her case needs a replacement. Such a carrying case is available in several different sizes that can 72 to 144 items.


  1. iPad Pro Screen Protector

In today’s digital age, people love having digital art items like an iPad Pro. A paper textured screen protector is a must have item for an art lover if he/she owns an iPad Pro for doing his/her artwork. With this, yours or the work of an art lover in your life has an authentic feeling, as it is slightly resistant to the Apple pencil.


  1. A Lightbox or Light Pad

A lightbox is a must have item for an artist. It is a handy item for the art lover whether he/she requires to trace over a previous scratch, an image, or a writing. Its lightweight and slim design makes it highly portable. Your gift recipient can plug it into his/her computer by using a USB cable that comes with the lightbox.


  1. A Stylish & Functional Artistic Umbrella

While being out of home, no one likes getting wet when the rain starts. However, an artist likes to do things in the open sky or even on rainy days. The artistic umbrella, which comes in several different diameters, does two things at a time – a canopy and a protection element. It protects the artwork in progress, apart from working as a canopy.


  1. A Rotring Technical Drawing Set

Designed and made to be wear resistant and highly compact, it is the perfect gift for an art lover in your life. It has an eraser, three nibs of different sizes, a pencil, refill lead, and a dual compass attachment.


  1. Chameleon Markers

Chameleon Markers are a type of alcohol-based markers that are highly demanded in today’s world. They have a flexible, soft brush tip and a bullet nib. By producing a set of pens in 5 different colour tones, you can assist the art lover to make around 25 different colour tones. This gift will facilitate him/her in colouring and lettering an art piece.


  1. Art Membership

Cultural institutes, art galleries, and museums spread all over the world are an excellent place to get inspiration or let one’s imagination fly its wings. Buy ant membership in your residing country and present it to the art lover of your life this Valentine. With this, the artist can easily go to museums/art galleries/cultural institutes of a particular country as per his/her wish to get an idea for the next artwork.



The thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift ideas mentioned here are only for indication or a clue. You can find it helpful to choose the best gift for an artist in your life. By knowing the artist closely and using your mind, you can find many other useful presents for him/her/

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