13 Battle of team India and Australia at MCG

India and Australia both are recognized as the powerful teams of International cricket. Both teams have come to face off on Indian and International playgrounds. The 2nd test match series is about to begin between India and Australia from 26 December 2020 at 5:00 AM that will continue to 30 December 2020. You can browse more marathi news live for sports, lifestyle, bollywood and much more.


India Vs Australia test match at MCG


For this test series, the venue is all set on MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). This iconic playground witnessed the thrill of Australia V/s India test matches 13 times in which Australia has won 8 times while India has become successful to defeat the Australian team 3 times.

Victories of Team India against Australia MCG

The first victory of India was achieved in 1977-78 by 222 runs,  the second one was in 1981 where India defeated Australia by 59 runs. The last test match that has won(by 137 runs) was held in 2018-19 in MCG.

8 test Victories of Australia at MCG (latest Marathi news)

Below you will find the test cricket matches outcome played at MCG:

  • January 1948

It is the first sweep out from Australia to India. Australia has scored 394 and 255 in the 1st and 2nd innings. While the first inning of India was declared on 291 and the second inning was declared on 125. The outcome is that Australia has scored 222 runs more than India.


  • February 1948

The overall score by Australia is 575 by losing 8 wickets. Then India went down to the ground but couldn’t win as the score in 1st inning and 2nd inning was 331 and 67. Australia successfully caught the trophy with an innings and 177 runs.


  • December 1967- January 1968

Australia continued their victory and won the trophy by an inning and 4 runs. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi has performed well by scoring 75 runs and 85 runs in the innings but the talented batsman of Australia Bob Simpson, Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell’s efforts have helped Australia to build up a score of 529 runs. India has scored (173+252) against Australia.


  • December 1985

The skilled batsman of India, Kapil dev, Kris Shrikkanth, Dilip Vengsarkar have hit the fifties in this test match while Australian batsman Greg Matthews scored 100+ but the outcome of this match was drawn.


  • December 1991

After defeating for two times and 1 drawn match, this year Australia has again stolen the trophy that was by 8 wickets. Australia has made it possible by the score of 349 and 128 in two innings sweeping out India on 263 and 213.


  • December 1999

During this schedule, God of Cricket has collected 116 runs and 52 in both innings But because of the joint efforts of Michael Slater, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, and Mark Waugh have collected 405 and 208 for both innings. India just made it 238 and 195. So, the decision has gone in the favor of Australia by 180 runs extra.


  • December 2003

Virendra Sehwag has reached close to hit the double century as he collected 195 runs alone for India but Ricky Ponting has crossed it 257, Matthews has also hit century by scoring 137. In this match, Australia has swept out India by 9 wickets. The difference was huge as Australia scored 558 in the first innings on the score of 366.


  • December 2007

Australia has performed well in both innings the score was over 300. India loses by 337 runs. Australia scored their first inning on 343 and second on 351.


  • December 2011

In this match, Australia dismissed both innings by collecting 333 and 240 runs. In which India defeated 122 runs.


  • December 2014

This match is known as the last test match of Mahi that result was declared a drawn match. India has a standout score of 465 in the first inning to approach 530. In this test match in the second inning, in the first inning, Virat Kohli collected 169, Ajinkya Rahane collected 147.


The quick reply was given to Australia before the stump over 174/6 on 318/9., To catch more cricket updates marathi news website.

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