How GPS Tracker Equipped Guard Tour Software?

Security is a combination of multiple actions taken by a security person to manage safety. Such that, even a single loop in action, can make it all shatter. At GPP, we understand the importance of security and regular monitoring. That’s why we come up with GPP Guard Tour Software, including a GPS tracker. So whether you ask for security patrol, health-care, Management or cleaning, our tour software is equally useful for all.

If you’re the one managing all security tasks and reporting for big events, you can understand the struggle. And as a time-serving security guard provider company, we can feel the pain. Managing guards, their locations, work, communication management, safety and paperwork all single-handedly is a tough job.

A1.0 Patrol Management software not only leads security guards patrol but also helps guards to perform the best possible with ease. To know how GPS trackers benefit it, move further.

How GPS tracker boosting it Guard Tour Software-

From enhancing accountability to productive staff work & cost reduction GPS tracker equipment profit us in many ways, such as:

1. Easier & Real-time Information Conveyor- The effectiveness of information drops with time, it highly matters, if you’re delivering it in real-time. Therefore we have designed GPP software in a way that it can share & receive all in real-time. Ultimately, it makes communication much simpler for guards and head-person to manage them.

2. Effortful work and attention- The thought of being monitored; enhance alertness. Just like other people out there, security guards are not distinct; the thought of being a lookout, hike their efforts. And increase the attention to fulfil tasks and order on-time with complete sense and alertness.

3. Quicker emergency response- Guards are expected to rapidly respond towards emergencies. Furthermore, if they are monitored and guided through high-tech software, they can actually make a quicker response with the help of technology.

4. Simple records- Records are the most time-consuming work to perform for a person, who likes to be in action such as a security guard. Meanwhile, GPP guard tour software, standardisation of patrol activity documentation, so guards and security-head do not have to go through the documentation processes.

5. Security guards safety- Guard security software not only offers you to monitor your guards’ activity but also helps to ensure guards’ safety. Its live location sharing feature keeps guards aware of the danger. Furthermore, GPS trackers help you to track & guide guards and provide information about them.

Extra advantages features of A1.0 (GPP Guard monitoring software)-

The extra functions of guard tour software, make it more convenient for tracking and monitoring, explore further and know-how:

Suitable to collect data via palm, hand touch
Schedule multi-day and daily tasks
Animated map view for better guidance
Database back-up and restore the ability
Collect data directly to computers’ hard disk
No extra software license fee

GPP Guard Tour Software helps you via monitoring, reporting, and storing all at ones.

Make monitoring easy!

In the end, it’s quite clear that GPS tracker adds many useful features to guard tour software and upturn it one step further. And if you are looking for the same tour software to maintain your guards’ actions and safety, go for GPP A1.0 Patrol Management software.

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