Best puppy foods #2019

Puppy refers specifically a dog or actually a child of an adult dog. Puppies (Plural form of puppy) are social animals and mostly they grow very quickly after their birth, turn into a full behaved dog. It can weigh 2- 3 lb. or some may weigh up to 15-23 lb. based on their breeds.
Labrador retriever, Pug, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, Poodles, Bulldog are some common breed of Puppies as well as adult dogs. And, most of them are cute in look and too much adorable. I think that’s enough, for the identification of Puppies. Now, let’s move to the point of today’s discussion and that is foods that are necessary and best for Puppies.
By eating those foods these Puppies can grow fast and strong and live healthy in future, stay happy.
There are basically two types of food, dry and wet and several established brand foods are available across the world. So as a Puppy owner, you need to know which foods are best for your Puppy and are they reliable and contain enough nutritional facts for them.
As there are a lot number of brands exist nowadays and the manufacturers may claim that they have the best quality food at a reasonable cost. But believe me all foods are not equal at all for your Puppy, so you can read this article through the end line to know more about these important points and get the best food for your Puppy.
As early mentioned, Puppies grows quickly and as a Puppy owner, it’s your responsibility to grow him and nurture him by providing proper nutrition to make stronger bones and teeth, build adequate muscle and energy level to play and learn. As Puppies body structures are different from adult dogs, they need extra nutrients for their growth.
At first after their birth, they can get calories from the milk of their mother, but 4 to 5 weeks later they started to eat solid foods. They need to eat three times food until 6 months and after that twice a day feedings are enough because then the time they can adapt. And, a new question may arise your mind, how much food should you give to your Puppy.
Well, it’s entirely depend on the size and weight of your Puppy including other facts – like, breed of your Puppy because you know, one breeder is differ from other in size, shape – smaller and larger, weight and their environment from where they came.
Here, some list of foods for your Puppy and these are not actually good food for all kind of Puppies. Before getting these foods, you must check the labels, ingredients, advice and cautions because large breed has different capacity and taste than smaller one. So, choosing a right food is most important for the growth of your Puppy.
So, what ingredients we want and which we don’t want in our Puppy foods and well, it’s a major concern for a Puppy owner, right!
Entire animal items
The absolute first fixing recorded ought to be a basic entire animal products or items like chicken, sheep, or salmon. Your little guy’s first dietary need is protein and he’ll require a quality wellspring of it.

Normal fats and oils
Your Puppy needs these for vitality and generally speaking wellbeing. A nourishment with liberal amounts of fats and oils from quality plant and creature sources will make his jacket sparkle and his muscles solid.

Fundamental nutrients and minerals
These incorporate nutrients A, C, E, B-complex, calcium, phosphorus, Omega 3 and Omega 6 unsaturated fats.
Healthy & Sound grains
Your Puppy requires his carbs, yet bunches of shoddy carbs like corn or wheat are in some cases stuffed into a kibble to hold the cost down. That is only a pack of calories for your Puppy.
Grains like rice, maize, buckwheat, or oats at reasonable levels are the best dry food for your Puppy.

And, now let’s talk about those ingredients which should not be added in Puppy foods. Try not to buy meat and vegetable by-products because sometimes these can be mixed with old meats or brought up from sick and dead animals and can cause serious injury and illness to your loving Puppy.
Avoid buying cheap grain and corn. Watch out for a Puppy food that is enthusiastic about corn and wheat. While not intrinsically destructive, a few brands incorporate a greater amount of these modest carbs than some other fixing. Your Puppy actually a meat eater so try to limit the ratio of the corns. Chemicals are totally out from the foods of your Puppy. These chemicals are really hard for your Puppy to digest and mostly, try to avoid all pesticides and growth hormones from your Puppies meal.
There are several acids and preservative found in many brand foods as an ingredient, so please avoid that food and don’t let your Puppy eat those foods because there is no space for acids and preservatives in your Puppies bowl.

Today we only discuss general foods and ingredients which are necessary for the development of your Puppy. In our next article, we will be back with some other issues and popular brands of Puppy foods.
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