5 Best Link Shorteners to Shorten URL

Its basic human psychology that a person would get attracted to a simple thing rather than a complex one. Similarly, a link that is very long and appears jumbled beyond recognition is like a salesman selling financial services door-to-door.

Internet is not as safe as we think it is. A link that appears to be promiscuous or spam, users do not click on it. It’s like you have come with a super scheme and knock at the door only to get it unanswered. Sounds rude, right? Users scroll past an ambiguous and long-tailed link without even noticing it. But, it is netizen’s way of euphemistically saying, “We are not interested.”

What is a link shortener?

A link shortener is a tool which is used to trim your link and turn them into clickable URLs.  This exercise can reap many benefits like making the link easy to share and post. Short URLs are easy to manage and track in terms of performance. Tools that make URL shorter often offer branded link options too.

Benefits of using a link shortener to shorten the link:

1. Posting long-tailed URLs on social media for marketing or increase organic traffic can make it look like a phishing link. Because it is too long, it will steer the traffic away because most of the users are used to see short versions of URLs. Naturally, they do not click on something they do not identify. Usually, tracking parameters are added to a link to check how much traffic it is redirecting to the website. They make the link look confusing to users. So, a link shortener must be used to kill two birds with a stone. The link would look normal and tracking would work too.

2.  There is no need of putting extra efforts into making a link traceable to check its progress. Several link shorteners are being used to keep track of its performance and gather data for analytics. This helps online assignment writing servicesin streamlining online marketing strategies to perform well.

3. Every social media and marketing platform has limited the length of the link in terms of characters that can be posted. Twitter has character limited of 280 and LinkedIn has kept it on 700 characters. Therefore, adding a link or a hashtag in your link can be done if link shorteners are used to limit the length.

List of 5 URL Shorteners


It is free of cost open-source software. Yourls is run on personal servers. Whether the link would be hidden and kept private instead of it being visible and open to the public, this can be chosen through this tool. The long link can be shortened with it with just one click as it includes bookmarks. The tool generates a link in consecutive sequences. This can be changed to the randomisation of links if the user wants. Some tools are in-built to gather information on traffic generated through the link.

Shorby for Instagram

Shorby doesn’t work like other link shorteners. Other link shortener simply shorten the link, but Shorby does so in line with Instagram’s ‘link in bio.’ Instagram users post new photos, videos, giphy, podcasts, youtube posts,  infographics, etc. They put links to these new updates on their bio for easy access.

Just not that, Shorby has a new card to display now. Click to call boxes can be developed with Shorby for Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Messenger, or a traditional phone number. Link to the posts, videos, podcasts, etc can be added in Blocks by the help of this tool which is ideal for influencers, assignment providers, and content creators as this can promote your work through Instagram.


Zapier can link making with some action you take online. Therefore, it can create and save a shortened link every timesome stipulated action is taken. All this is done automatically. Zapier is an ideal option to do so. For instance, every time a new post is added to a social media platform, a shorter link is generated and a copy of it is saved in a Google sheet. The Zapier tool was a part of Zapier earlier. Now it has been developed as a separate tool with its separate algorithms. So, a simple task such as posting on a website could do the rest of the things automatically.


The dashboard of this tool also comes with link shortening and tracking the traffic features. The dashboard is operated in two ways i.e. for accessing location information and another for devices and events. These are well-structured and easy to use. When you spin a link, T2M is designed to create a QR code for the same automatically.


Tiny.CC is a free link shortener that allows the user to create short links. This is done through a simple interface. All the user has to do is to paste the link to be shortened in the space provided in the dialogue box and click shorten. The link so created could be customised also.

Use these links shorteners to make your links attractive and clickable.

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