5 best resorts in Kabini

Red Earth Resort

The Kabini Red Earth resort is located in the backwater of the Kabini Dam and assures its visitors a relaxing and peaceful environment. The resort, which has grown with the aim of offering splendor, offers a friendly atmosphere and all the services and amenities in the pristine environment of Kabini.

Red Earth gives its distinguished guests a dining experience in its international kitchen restaurant. The festivals are cooked with organic vegetables and executive chefs are able to cook the most selection of authentic dishes. In the heart of the picturesque lake, there is a swimming pool that was properly named Wet Lands.

A number of activities are also offered to visitors at the Red Earth Resort. The visiting tour of the two Tibetan religious communities in the region is also a good option for walkers in safaris, bird watching, fishing tours in coracles, and biking through the pastoral settlements.

The Bison Resort

The Bison Resort is situated in Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park, in the harmonic convergence between Bandipur National Park and it is without a doubt one of the best among Kabini Resorts. The Bison, the luxury boutique camped with tents, truly enjoys the delicate novelty in India, is serene and quiet throughout the day, and at the same time exciting and naturally inspiring in darkness.

It looks at the lush forest and takes wonderful sights of indigenous wildlife that break into their native territory. In the middle of the pristine wilderness, the refuge in the Bison Report in Kabini is a safe haven of luxury. Three types of accommodation are available – Deluxe Luxury Tent, Deluxe Luxury Machan, and Suite Cottage. The Bison Resort also provides numerous services and activities to make your notable guests’ holidays as enjoyable and enjoyable as possible, as well as a comfortable location.

These are highly changed and restricted interests. Guests can enjoy fishing, small boat rides, and trekking subject to famous activities.

The Peepal Tree

The Peepal Tree is a homestay on the grassy banks of the river Kabini. The exclusive resort, located over 2 hectares of land near the beautiful forest and the banks of the river, usually has 22 nice houses in a high place overlooking the mountains and backwaters of the Kabini River.

Considered one of Kabini’s most spectacular and lively resorts, staying at this resort brings you a step closer to the eternal Mother Earth and the wildlife. You should not miss the sunrise or sunset with its amazing scenery of the stream.

Lighten and revive in the lap of divine nature for a luxurious holiday. Take your time in a cottage surrounded by the backwater, exotic wildlife, and local traditions, with a fascinating blend of luxury, contemporary lifestyles, and calm charm. Feel all the pleasures of the house in the Peepal Tree home immediately.

Kabini Springs Resorts

Kabini Springs lookout for a happy experience, a beautiful place, confined to tranquility and everlasting bliss in the soul of enchanted forests. The luxurious resort is the hub for those who are willing to spend a pleasant stay in the peace of the waves of the Kabini River. While you’re in the lap of ultimate luxury, the Resort aims to present you with breathtaking views and a wildlife experience.

The luxury, exotic resort coordinates activities such as jungle treks, pool, boat rides, safaris, etc. Situated snugly in a nature lap, you can enjoy the delicious food and enjoy the mouthwatering dinner at home!

Escape the tedious bustle of your social life and surrender into this charming shelter of deep peace.

Kabini Lake View Resort

The beautiful Kabini River offers the neighborhood of Kabini Lake View Resort a delicious aura that makes this natural trip a fabled get away from the metropolis’s hysteria. In a peaceful and quiet environment in the wilderness of Kabini, Kabini Lake resort offers luxury accommodation.

The Kabini Lake View Resort is the most divine place to stay for anyone looking to spend a memorable weekend in the peaceful yet inspiring wilderness. The luxurious resort also features an excellent restaurant opening on to the Kabini waters and offering the finest of Indian and vegetarian plates.

The Kabini Lake View Resort also offers a large number of activities for visitors to enjoy. Twice a day, nature walks, biking, sweets, and tribal visits to the village are arranged. Wildlife safaris are also organized.

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