Best Vape Pen for Beginners 2021

Before you become a pro in any activity, you have to begin somewhere. That is the same case for vaping; you have to be a beginner at some point before becoming a pro. To have an excellent vaping session, you require the right vape pen.

Vape pens come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Some are extremely small while others are relatively large. The size, shape, or style that you choose comes down to personal preferences. For example, the smallest vape pens are the best to travel with.

Despite the size, all vape pens have the same components. The biggest difference is that the small vape pens have compressed and compact components. But when it comes to functionality, they perform almost similar tasks.

As a beginner, there are some considerations before selecting a vape pen. The vaping market is already filled with many vaping devices so selecting is a little difficult.  A beginner who has so little knowledge about vape pens will get it even more difficult to decide.

This article focuses on the best vape pens for beginners in 2021. The list was compiled after considering several factors like price, reviews, and durability. Here we go;

Smok RPM Lite Pod Kit

Smok RPM is a small device from the RPM series. It features a 1250mAh inbuilt battery and supports USB charging. For beginners, this is a good choice because it is easier to operate. There are no buttons and other operations when vaping, Smok ROM is draw-activated. The kit comes with a USB cable and user manual in case you want to confirm something.

Dr. Dabber Light Full RX Kit

Dr. Dabber is a reputable brand that specializes in several vaping devices. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, know that you are covered if you want any device. Light Full RX Kit is the perfect kit for a beginner. As its name suggests, it is a light vape pen with a few operations.

It employs low-heat titanium technology for smooth heating. The Light vape pen is slim and portable for traveling. For a beginner, having an extra atomizer is important and this is why this kit comes with an extra atomizer. On top of that, you get a warranty for this product.

Kandypens Special-K

KandyPens is equally a renowned brand in the vaping market and other CBD oil vape pen products in general. Among the many vape pens from the brand, Kandypens Special-K is the best for beginners. It comes with two tanks and three temperature settings to help you customize your vaping experience.

Among all the components of a vape pen, the battery is usually the first to spoil. Brands that already understand this, offer a warranty that specifically covers the battery. For example, Kandypens Special-K comes with a one-year warranty covering the battery.

PCKT One Plus

PCKT One Plus is a perfect vape pen for weed oil. It is compatible with other concentrates but can serve you best when using oils. If you are a beginner and frequent traveler as well, this device is your perfect choice. The device features three temperature settings for a smooth vaping experience.

PCKT One Plus is compatible with a wide range of 510 oil cartridges. It comes with a long-lasting and powerful 660mAh battery.

What to Look for in Vape Pens for Beginners

Vape pens for beginners are not unique but only try to address a few issues that affect newbies. As an expert, there are issues that come up during vaping and you handle them easily. If such issues come up, a beginner may not know what to do exactly. While compiling the list above, we took into consideration most of this issue and how those devices prevent them.

Battery life is important for a beginner. This is the main source of power for the device. Unfortunately, it is usually the first to spoil among all the other components. As a beginner, you need a device that has a powerful battery. The named devices have powerful batteries and also offer a warranty that covers the battery.

Easy-to-operate is another factor that we consider. As a beginner, you need a relatively simple device with very few buttons and other controls. Luckily, the four mentioned devices come with a single button for all controls while others have none. Those that do not have buttons are draw-activated. It is that easy.

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