The dos and don’ts of finding a hairstylist on Instagram

Finding a hairstylist of your choice is like winning the lottery. Did the ones your friends recommend mess your weave hair ? Was the hairstylist the fly girl on the street suggested not your type? Have you hopped from place to place in search of the perfect hairstylist and put your hair through countless experiments? Easily find the best hairstylist via Instagram and say goodbye to your woes. Follow these simple dos and don’ts and make finding a hairstylist with Instagram easy:

  • The Dos:
  1. Use Geo tagging.

Easily discover services, products, and facilities in your area with Instagram’s geotagging feature. Instantly find all the amazing hairstylists nearby on your phone. Use the geotagging feature and get access to local hairstylists and salons. Turn on geotagging and be a step closer to finding a hairstylist who’ll love your hair.

Use the geotagging feature on Instagram.

  1. Searching for hashtags

Another easy method to streamline the hunt for an amazing hairstylist on Instagram is to use the hashtag. Search for the keywords that apply to you with particular hashtags. Such as the type of hair (#brunnette) or the hairstyle you wish to have (#pixiecut), or describe the person you’re looking for (#colourist). Narrow down the search further by adding locations such as #brunettenewyork, #pixiecutintokyo, or #colouristlondon.

Use a hashtag to make finding the hairstylist easy.

  1. Read the comments

If you find something you like on Instagram, don’t forget to check the comment section. Get invaluable information about the hairstyle, the client’s feedback, and the hairstylist’s passion by reading the comments. The livelier the comment section, the more similar your experience will be if you choose that salon. Finding a hairstylist on Instagram by reading the comments and keeping track of important little details will make life convenient for you.

  1. Instastalk the stylist

Having found an amazing hairstylist nearby on Instagram using geotags and hashtags. Convinced by the posts and comments on their Instagram account. Now you instastalk your prospective hairstylist outside their work. Develop an understanding of their personality, and character to connect with them during the appointment. Use Instagram to find a hairstylist that your soul and hair can connect with.

Don’t forget to check out the hairstylist’s page.

  1. Consider your hair type

Not all the hairstyles you fall in love with on Instagram are realistic.

On Instagram, you will find thousands of attractive hairstyles. Some of them may not fit your hair type. Consider the condition, type, texture, and other details of your hair while searching for hairstyles and stylists. This will help you make a practical decision and will save your time, money, and hair. If you know your hair it will be easier to find a hairstylist on Instagram.

  1. Contact and consultation

A consultation can save a lot of trouble for both parties. 

After you’ve found a hairstylist at any Hair store, contact them for consultation via email, calls, direct message, or website links. Meeting the hairstylist, and sharing your hair goals before the actual appointment will ease the pressure off both you and the hairstylist. Without the pressure and the awkwardness, the actual appointment day will be open for creativity and expression.

  • The don’ts:
  1. Hold back from starting a conversation

Find someone’s hair amazing? Tell them!

If you ever stumble upon a person with a hairstyle you like on Instagram or in person, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with them. You are complimenting them and gathering information about the hair you adore. This will make your quest in finding a hairstylist easier. So don’t hesitate from starting a conversation and asking people!

  1. Fall for filtered picture

Don’t fall for the amazing job Instagram filters do with the color grading of photographs. If you are looking for a change in hair color, then don’t be smitten by filtered pictures on the hairstylist’s handle. Look for outdoor pictures with natural light for the most unfiltered work when you pick a hairstylist from the gram. Filter the filters when finding a hairstylist and save yourself from disappointments.

  1. Fall for the styling –Hair cuts are more important than hairstyling.        

Be a smart lady! Don’t fall for the superficial results posted on Instagram. The quality of cutting and trimming performed on the client’s hair is overshadowed by the styling done at the end. Search the hairstylist’s account for videos of them cutting, trimming, and styling their clients. Avoid getting a horrible haircut by verifying the work of the hairstylist.

  1. Consider the first hairstylist you like

There will be numerous hairstylists to choose from when you tap the ‘explore’ button on Instagram. Don’t stop your search after coming across the first stylist that matches your hairstyling philosophy. List at least three hairstylists that you liked in your pursuit of finding a hairstylist on Instagram. With Instagram, you can choose from a number of hairstylists of your liking and still contact the ones you didn’t pick.

  1. Forget to use the ‘save to’ feature

Did you know there’s an option for you to save posts on Instagram? The ‘save to’ feature on the bottom right side of the posts can be used on Instagram to find the perfect hairstylist. Save your phone memory from the countless screenshots and your time by remembering the username with a simple tap.

Find endless hairstyles and stylists using the ‘save to’ feature on Instagram.

Use the ‘save to’ feature to save hairstyles or hairstylists to save time, and energy.

  1. Be afraid to go for a celebrity stylist

There’s no harm to asking a celebrity hairstylist.

Celebrity hairstylists are not as untouchable as we believe them to be. They style, trim, and cut the hair of normal people too. If you adore a celebrity’s hairstyle, check out their Instagram to get their hairstylist’s contact information. You are just a quick message away from getting the Ombre hair you adore. This may seem daunting but can be the best decision you’ll make in finding a hairstylist.


These twelve tips will help fix your hair woes through Instagram. Follow these dos and don’ts and find a hairstylist of your choice easy, quick, and simple.

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