7 days to lose weight with this diet

The problem of excess weight
The problem of excess weight is one of the most common problems facing many people at the present time, and it depends on the many changes that have taken place in the general life of all people, and the most important of these variables began with the presence of fast food that contains a large proportion of fat, as well as all the technological tools that I worked to provide the human effort and led to the lack of movement by people, which led to the body not
fully burning fat, all of this exacerbated the problem of excess weight worldwide.
In order to get rid of excess weight, there are many measures that must be relied upon, the first of which is completely away from fast foods that contain triglycerides, as well as soft drinks, in addition to exercising regularly, and with these steps it is necessary to follow appropriate diets, So, in this article, we will present a diet that helps lose weight in a short time.

Diet to lose weight in just one week
This diet depends on eating a group of foods during the week as follows:
Diet during the first and second day

Breakfast ingredients: a piece of cheese without salt, a piece of cheddar cheese, one cucumber, one boiled egg.
Ingredients for lunch: It is possible to eat a piece of grilled chicken in addition to a plate of vegetable salad, or eat two pieces of grilled meat with an amount of boiled vegetables.
Dinner: An amount of pasta with a plate of boiled vegetables.
Small meals between the main meals: The first meal is after lunch, which is one apple, and the second meal is after dinner, which is made up of one cucumber fruit.
Diet on the third and fourth day

Breakfast ingredients: two boxes of yogurt plus two fruits.
Lunch meal ingredients: boiled noodles with one grilled fish.
Dinner: a quarter of grilled chicken, a plate of boiled vegetables, a plate of salad.
Small meals: one apple after lunch, cucumber after dinner.
Diet on the fifth and sixth day

Breakfast ingredients: one egg to be boiled, you can eat a piece of cheese with it, or three slices of hamburger.
Lunch: a quarter of grilled chicken, a plate of boiled vegetables, a plate of salad.
Dinner ingredients: a piece of cheese, a boiled egg, a slice of cheddar cheese with mushrooms or watercress, a piece of unsalted cheese.
Small meals: one apple after lunch.
Diet on the seventh day

Breakfast ingredients: a box of yogurt, a boiled egg, a piece of unsalted cheese, and a fruit.
Ingredients for lunch: one boiled potato, a plate of vegetable salad.
Dinner ingredients: One cup of pasta with tomato sauce and a salad plate.
Small meals: eat cucumbers after lunch, and oranges and cucumbers after dinner.
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