9 Ways To Control Blood Sugar

Today morbidity and mortality rates are increasing at a very greater pace and many people are prone to suffer from life threating disease. Therefore, taking care of your health is quintessential element to ensure quality of living. Diabetes is one the illness that affects the quality of living of millions of individual and makes the individual more susceptible to various other illness. Thus, taking care of yourself is very important. Diabetes refer to increase in blood sugar and more sugar in your blood means less sugar in your body cell. This can harm the body and therefore, it is very crucial to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Here are 9 ways through which diabetic patient can keep their sugar within range:

1. Make a schedule for eating: Eating regularly on time is the best way to set body’s rhythm. Eating regularly on time refrain us from overeating, because when you skip a meal there are higher chances that you’d end up eating more than usual. Along with it, when a person skips a meal body is deprived of glucose this can leads to hypoglycemia i.e. low sugar this can stimulate feedback mechanism and can cause body to break fats and protein to release energy. This phenomenon is called as gluconeogenesis and this tend to raise blood sugar level.

2. Eat high quality carbs: high quality carb tends to release glucose slowly and gradually. Therefore, it is the best way to avoid spontaneous spikes in blood sugar. Also, carbs high in fiber will allow you to feel full for a longer duration which will eventually refrain you from eating every now and then.

3. Avoid alcohol: although it is been said that alcohol can lower blood sugar but the ultimate reality is that alcohol tend to damage the liver. Therefore, refraining from alcohol will ultimately benefit your liver and hence, the liver’s ability to release glucose won’t be affected. It is also important to note that those who are on antidiabetic drugs should avoid alcohol as much as possible because combination of both can cause severe hypoglycemia.

4. Pursue green tea: Green tea is the best source of polyphenols; polyphenols help our body to fight against disease. There is another benefit of consuming green tea and i.e. it tends to cut our calories. Diabetes and obesity go side by side therefore cutting calories is also very important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Last but not the least green tea also increases the insulin sensitivity therefore, it would enable cell to utilize the glucose.

5. Consumption of oat meal: oat meal is one of the best source of high quality carb. Eating oat meal is beneficial because it is digested slowly therefore, it tends to increase the sugar slowly and gradually.

6. Drink water: It is not necessary to eat every time whenever you feel hungry. If you have diabetes, then you also have to count your calorie intake very vigilantly. Therefore, sometimes relying on water can satisfy the satiety and control your calorie intake.

7. Increase the use of vinegar: There are loads of ways in which vinegar can be used. As far as diabetes is concern it is good to know that tends to inhibit the digestion of starch which is a form of sugar, vinegar also holds food in stomach for a longer duration.

8. Manage your sleep: Change in sleeping habits can cause hormonal fluctuation this can contribute to increase the blood sugar. Therefore, it is crucial to have adequate sleep to prevent hormonal imbalances.

9. Stay compliant to drug therapy: diabetic patients who are on drug therapy should stay complaint because sometimes lifestyle modifications are not enough to maintain a steady sugar level. Therefore, medications should be taken on time.
High blood sugar can risk an individual’s life and thus, it is very crucial to maintain a steady sugar level. I hope the aforementioned ways will help diabetic patients to control their blood sugar.

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