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How To Create a WordPress Website?
WordPress Virtual Assistants is here at your service to teach you How To Create a WordPress Website? Step by step, with no step, skipped. We will help you build a WordPress website without any coding and the help of any developer.
WordPress is the best platform for creating websites, and you are going to create a website in days rather than months for your business. Creating a website was never an easy task, but it is easy to build a website by following simple four steps. Some of the steps are a bit long, but all are easy to follow.
Essential Steps for How to Create a WordPress Website?
Let’s go over the necessary steps you need to follow to learn How to create a WordPress website.
• Domain name
• Web hosting
• Install WordPress
• Create a Website
Step 1: Domain name
The domain name is the same as your website name; for example, or my domain name is You have complete freedom to choose your domain name. The domain name is what’s going to define your presence on the search engine. Moreover, it is the identity of your website by which the user is going to locate you.
You can choose whatever name you wish for your website, but it’s better to choose a name that includes a niche in it as well. You can also name your website after your name, for example,, or company website after the company name, for instance,
.com we are using after the name of the website is an extension. You can use generic domain extension or local domain extension; it depends on your target audience.
Besides, you have to pay for your domain name annually, and it is going to cost you $14.99. Maybe the name you want for your website is already taken; no need to worry about that. There are several other domain names available for you to choose from.
Step 2: Web Hosting
Before we step in to know why we need web hosting? Let us tell you what web hosting is?
To make your website visible on the browser, you need a computer to store your website’s files and data physically that is connected to the internet. These computers are called web servers. Without the web host, your website will not be accessible via the world wide web (www).
Web hosting is a service provided by web host companies with several web servers located in one location. In addition to web hosting, a web host provider offers you the website software, security, support, and bandwidth.
Beyond bandwidth and security, you have other things you have to look for when selecting a plan you want for your websites, such as your budget, ease of use, customer care, level of flexibility, and privacy and security.
Therefore, if the web host provider offers you all the things mentioned above, then you have found the right provider for your website.
Difference between Hosting and Domain
Web hosting is a service provided by the web host provider that allows you to publish your website on the internet and provide you with a space to store website files and data. Their servers are connected to your computer via the internet.
The domain name is the name of the website, or you can say the domain is the address on the internet. If someone is going to find you on the internet, it’s your domain name that he will use to locate you as it is your identity on the internet.
Step 3: Install WordPress
Now, we are going to install WordPress. What WordPress is? WordPress is a content management system (CMS), and it was created back in 2003. Since then, it has become one of the most popular website publishing platforms with a ratio of 30 percent of the website on the internet is built using WordPress.
Additionally, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and has a MySQL or MariaDB database.
Therefore, instead of doing all the code and complicated stuff, you have to change some settings, drag images, and type, and here you are ready to publish your website.
Setting up a website on your Pcs is very easy; your web host provider will setup this CMS for you. Moreover, you can install WordPress by yourself as well.
Step 4: Create a Website | How to create a WordPress Website?
Creating a website includes building pages, adding images, choosing colors, and your content.
Step 5: Installing a theme
Let’s first know what a theme is? A theme is a collection of different files containing style sheets and templates that decide the website’s outer appearance. WordPress provides you with the font style, colors, widgets, and templates; it is your website’s overall style.
Moreover, hundreds of free themes are available for you to use, and also you have paid themes available that you can buy to customize your website.
Step 6: Adding Templates
They gave you a lot of free templates, which is fantastic for your startup. Some of the templates are blogs, some of these are e-commerce stores, or some of these are regular websites; just because you go with the blog or online store, it does not mean that templates cannot be converted to anything else. For example, you can change a blog template into an online store or a regular website.
For instance, you will open an e-commerce store; you need many pages for your website. Pages are the essence of any website; there is no way you have seen any website without pages.
You can have different pages for your websites, for example,
• Home Page
• About us Page
• Contact Page
• Service Page
The page structure will be the same, but the content of each page would be different.
Step 7: Add Plugins
There are a couple of more things to do by you to make your website beautiful and attractive. You can add plugins to expand the functionality of your website. WordPress plugins are free and are used to add more features to the website.
Step 8: Change the Theme Styles
Now in theme style, you can control how all font style, color, and buttons look. There are different page builders like Eelmentor that are available for you to do this. Let’s have a look at what Elementor is? Elementor is a visual page builder. Elementor is a live editing tool that allows you to edit, and side by side permits you to look at how your website appears. With the help of elementor, you are to drag and drop widgets, and you can unlock more features by going for the premium version.
Hence, select the “Edit with Elementor,” and you go over the menu to edit your website’s headings, colors, and font style. With the page builder, you entirely design the whole page. You can add different columns, sections; you can drag in headings, buttons, and many more widgets to create your website pages.
Step 9: Creating Menu
If you do not have a menu on your site or want to add more menu to your website, you can do that by going to “customize.” Go to the menu; there will be an option given as “Create a new Menu” select it. You will name the menu, and then you have to choose the location where you want to put your menu. According to a theme you have chosen, you will be shown the menu location. Moreover, once you have created a menu, you can add items to the menu as well.
Step 10: Publish your Website
For the already built website, you are just going to crush the publish button, and your content is going to be published. But it is not the case when you are posting your content for the first time.
On the dashboard, you are going to see a notification which is “Your site is currently displaying a ‘Coming Soon’ page.” click the “click here” link and let the wonder happen.
Bottom Line | How To Create a WordPress Website?
To sum up, you have learned how to create a website just like you want it. Now, you have known how to get a domain name? How to get hosting or add Plugins? How to publish your website? The other best option is to acquire the wordpress web design services which will build a professional website for your business in less time and reasonable budget.

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