Aamir Khan Quotes

I have had unsuccessful films, but I learned a lot from those films. I give my failures as much importance as my success.-Aamir Khan

The truth is that no matter how many retakes you do, each will be different and that is the nature of any creative medium. There’s no such thing as perfection.-Aamir Khan

I do what I feel is right. I do not fear to walk on a new path and take risk.-Aamir Khan

I do not believe that I am a perfectionist one bit. I truly believe that perfection is something that no one can achieve.-Aamir Khan

I don’t do films because they tell a particular kind of story, I do films with stories that touch me.-Aamir Khan

Losing someone we love, or the fear of losing someone we love one day is a difficult experience and we can all relate to it. None of us are an exception to this reality.-Aamir Khan

The journey that I have undertaken, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been my biggest achievement.-Aamir Khan

I Am More Spiritual Than Religious; Besides I Am Not A Fanatic-Aamir Khan

Our society covers these problems with a veil. All I want is an open discussion-Aamir Khan

I am raising my voice as a citizen of the country. I don?t want to enter politics.-Aamir Khan

Education is education, be it verbal or written.-Aamir Khan

I am happy that I have entertained people and made them happy.-Aamir Khan

Badminton is like ballet dancing. It requires a lot of control, strength, mind play and measured movement-Aamir Khan

Mammootty sir is an idol for me.. His uniqueness in developing characters is quite amazing-Aamir Khan

The true marker of success is when the creative minds behind a film can sit down and feel that they have succeeded in the mission they set out to accomplish – and that is to make good cinema. If we feel that we have achieved that as a team, then we have all been successful.-Aamir Khan

I personally feel that I should support people who are doing good work and people should also support such good work.-Aamir Khan

I am very passionate about being an actor, and I allow my passion to find its outlet in the work I do. I don’t believe that it can be called perfection. It is true that when I am intensely passionate about my films, which I am, I don’t leave any stone unturned and I put every ounce of my energy into that project.-Aamir Khan

If a script has that affect on me during a reading, then it is definitely a film I want to be part of.-Aamir Khan

The rule I have when choosing films is the excitement factor, I need to feel excited about the story and whatever message the film has – only then do I sign on the dotted line.-Aamir Khan

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