Shahrukh Khan Quotes

Live, laugh, love, every day to it’s fullest, for who knows, tomorrow, may not be.-Shahrukh Khan

If you want to become something, achieve something in life, then always listen to your heart.-Shahrukh Khan

Stand by what you believe in. People who mind won’t matter and people who matter won’t mind it.-Shahrukh Khan

Sometimes you need to let people feel important by disliking you. It’s their little happiness.-Shahrukh Khan

If you like me, raise your hand. If you don’t, raise your standards.-Shahrukh Khan

There is no right time and right place for love… it can happen any time.-Shahrukh Khan

Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don’t be bound by rules, don’t hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else’s dream.-Shahrukh Khan

I trust two people, myself and the other is not you, its God-Shahrukh Khan

You can love me or hate me but.. you can’t ignore me-Shahrukh Khan

Live now, live today – don’t be bound by rules, live your own dream.-Shahrukh Khan

Whenever you’re feeling down And I am not around let the sight of me be the reason you smile-Shahrukh Khan

Success and failure are both part of life. Both are not permanent.-Shahrukh Khan

You never win the silver, you only lose the gold-Shahrukh Khan

Life begins when we decide it’s going to begin for us.-Shahrukh Khan

I don’t like the trappings of stardom. I wear the shoes and the Dolce & Gabbana, because I’m told to. But I’m not trapped by it.-Shahrukh Khan

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life.-Shahrukh Khan

As for my destination, I don’t think I ever knew one. I walk, I run in the direction of my dreams. Things change along the way, people change, I change, the world changes, even my dreams change. I don’t have a place to arrive, I just keep doing what I know how to do, the best that I can do it. I’ll probably end up a deluded geriatric in a wheelchair wearing a cape and tights, imagining my own flight out of this world, but of course with a young girl in my arms.-Shahrukh Khan

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