COVID-19 BATTLE: Here’s Why You Should Not Attempt for Nonessential Travels Yet!

You only live once. Don’t simply enjoy it without thinking. Live it responsibly, and have no regrets.

You can meet your friends and families and hug them right at the moment you see them. You can have lots of fun in big social gatherings. You can freely eat with bare hands at home! You can go to work like the usual. All these mentioned can’s were just a trip to memory lane before this COVID-19 pandemic happened. Reality nowadays is that mass gatherings are not allowed, social distancing is a must, sanitation is to be strictly observed, and staying at home is very important!

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely modified the “normal” life everyone knows and has. No one saw it coming that the unfamiliar changes and alienating adjustments the world has to deal with will really be THIS big. You were just spending your usual daily routine indoors and outdoors some 6 months ago, without huge worries about leaving the house and going back in. But now, everything’s different. 

One of the most highly and negatively affected industries because of this pandemic is the tourism and hospitality industry. This is very true, speaking about both the local and the international concern. Traveling is among the top favorites of people, but this mishap is hampering that too!

What’s alarming is that some or many people still go for nonessential travelling even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is often rampant in cities, countries and other places where the government may not be strictly implementing proper pandemic regulations, or where people are just hard-headed. 

As mentioned earlier, staying at home is the best thing one could do to contribute to the betterment of the world’s situation. If there is no urgent need or no need at all to go outside the house and travel, then remain inside your abode!

If you are currently attempting or planning to unnecessarily travel, cut it off! An international travel or a domestic trip for leisure or fun? This COVID-19 pandemic is not the perfect time for any of those! Why? You better read up to the last word of this piece!

COVID-19 is the life-threatening virus that’s regrettably under the spotlight today. The whole world has been in a battle for months now, and it’s not like the enemy is riding a ship and armed with huge weapons. NO. The opponent is unseen. 

Many of the patients who tested positive with COVID-19 are asymptomatic. That means they do not experience any symptom of the virus’ result as symptomatic patients do. That’s somehow better than being symptomatic, but for the people around asymptomatic people, it’s dangerous. Why? 

When a person is symptomatic, he/she knows she is carrying the virus, thus, he/she will most likely consult a doctor, immediately isolate . Meanwhile, when one is an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient, he/she may not be aware of his/her condition, so he/she will not mind going outside the house and interacting with people. Because of that, chances of communicating and spreading the virus increase!

Nonessential travel might become a reason for a person getting infected. Because you will be leaving the house, say for entertainment and recreation, you might be encountering many people. Or you might hold door knobs, walls and items where the virus might have been contacted to. Especially in enclosed public areas, the spread of COVID-19 is terribly possible.


When you take care of yourself, you do your family a favor. You also care about their own safety.

When you go for a nonessential travel, even just within your town, and *knock on wood* acquire the virus, and go home without knowing yet that you already have it, you are putting your loved ones in danger. 

Particularly for the sake of the people you are living with at home, be safe, so stay at home. Everybody experiences boredom indoors, but there are activities you can do to relieve it at home. Many are having anxieties and worries amid the pandemic since they do not want to be kept indoors, but the good thing is that there are alternatives to travelling!

Relish the time you can spend with your family while staying at home. Although there are lockdowns implemented, don’t think too much that you’re being locked up in your house. Consider it as a valuable bonding time you can delight in. While you pray and wait, do that. You don’t have to leave the house and travel just to greatly enjoy with your family, specifically in this time of pandemic. 


Every nation’s so-called modern day heroes, the frontliners, are risking their lives in the battle with COVID-19. 

Doctors, nurses and medical staff are some in the medical field. Janitors/janitresses and garbage collectors are some in the sanitation sector. Security guards, policemen and military officers are there to ensure safety and order. Bank tellers and attendants are making sure people get to receive, send and access their money. Cooks and food crews who prepare food, and delivery men in logistics are continuously working hand-in-hand to bring the food people crave for right in front of their homes. They are just some of the many frontliners known today.

These frontliners are not immune to getting sick, but they go out there to serve people like you since they want you to stay at home and prevent the virus from spreading. They are afraid too, for their lives and for their loved ones, but they hold on. They long to be with their families all the time, but they endure first. They are uncomfortable with tight personal protective garments that make them sweat so much, but they need those to work. They are also in need of assistance, protection and utmost safety, yet they go beyond the comfort zone to serve their countrymen. They want this whole COVID-19 thing to stop already, so they do their best to help and to make things bearable at least. 

You might have friends and family members who are frontliners. You see how they struggle and how they wish everyone would decide to stay at home and to not travel if not needed. Be with them, not only with moral support, but also with being compliant and upright enough to realize that staying at home is the biggest contributions one can give.


You already have tickets for your trip abroad? You can use it some other time. Most airlines have surely postponed flights, and you may inquire for rebooking due to this pandemic. You already booked a hotel accommodation? Hotels are very much impacted on since they are obliged to close because of the COVID-19 threat. Most hotels decided to suspend operations, so you may contact them for rebooking. 

Travel plans can wait, darling. It’s best to wait for the COVID-19 to be completely deleted out of this world before attempting to go for a nonessential travel! 

It’s still so hazardous out there, given the still-rising COVID-19 cases in many countries. Come on. Don’t be like a brat who’s going to have tantrums while insisting she wants a toy. The pandemic that the globe is in right now is not any kind of game. It’s war. Set aside your nonessential travel plans. The universe will let you have the grandest trips and celebrations after this crisis, so wait as you should!

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