Decrease belly fat follow this rules

Now-a-days, with the advancement in technology people are more busy with their lives. Despite their busy schedules with work and trivial tasks, a lot of people still pay special attention to exercise in order to stay healthy and slim. It is considered that physical appearance plays a significant role in succeeding and being accepted in the society. Thus, staying fit and slim is essential to be able to feel confident and exude a good impression. It is a fact that your weight may influence that how you feel about yourself and how others view you but the physical appearance or body image is not the only reason for losing weight. Being overweight or having obesity come up with many problems in your life having a lot of side effects. Obesity can bring many issues from back pain to the serious diseases like type 2 diabetes.

What is Obesity?   

If you are having excess of body fat then you are having obesity. It is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more, where BMI or body mass index takes a person’s weight and height into account. BMI doesn’t distinguish between muscles, bone mass or excess fat nor does it provide any indication of the distribution of fat among individuals. Beside these limitations, BMI is widely used as an indicator of excess weight.

What are the Causes of Obesity?

The main cause of obesity is eating more calories than you burn in your daily activity. With the passage of time these extra calories add up and become the cause of weight gain. Obesity is not only a cosmetic concern but it increases the risk of diseases and health problems. Extremely obese means you are especially likely to have health problems related to obesity.

It is a known fact that there are genetic, behavioral and hormonal influences on body weight. Sometimes it can be traced as medical cause such as Cushing’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, arthritis and other diseases. These syndromes or disorders occur rarely and very often are the reasons for the obesity. The basic and principal causes of obesity are:

  • The main reason of obesity is that you don’t burn as many calories as you intake. If you are not active then you can easily take in more calories than you use through exercise and normal daily activities.
  • Eating habits and unhealthy diet is one of the reasons for getting obese. If you take in diet that are too high in calories and are full of fast food and high-calorie beverages then weight gain is inevitable.
  • Genetics may play a vital role in how efficiently your body converts food into energy and how fast your body burns calories during exercise. Your genes also affect the amount of fat stores in your body and the distribution of the fats in the body.
  • It is also seen that the obesity tends to run in the families. If both of the parents of child are obese then the chances of getting the obesity by the child also increases. Genes are not only involved in it, families are also found to share similar eating and activity habits.
  • There are few medicines that can be a reason of weight gain if they are not compensated through diet or activity. Such medicines mostly include anti-depressants, diabetes medications, anti-psychotic medications, steroids, beta blockers and anti-seizure medications.
  • One reason for the obesity can be the increase in age. As one grows older, less active lifestyle and hormonal changes increase the risk of obesity. Metabolism activity in the body also decreases, with the increase in the age as the result of lowering in the muscle mass. If you don’t keep check of your diet and become more physically active as you age, you are more likely to gain weight.
  • Often it becomes difficult for few ladies to lose the weight after child birth which they gained during pregnancy. This weight gain may contribute to the obesity in women.
  • Often quitting smoking is associated with weight gain. Sometimes this weight gain may lead to obesity.
  • Lack of sufficient sleep or getting too much sleep can cause changes in hormones that increase the appetite. One may crave for the food high in calories and carbohydrates which can contribute to weight gain.

One can counteract the obesity factors through physical activity, diet, exercise and behavior changes.

What are the Benefits of Having a Slim Body?

Having extra pounds on your body can increases the risk of different diseases and makes you sick. These diseases include arthritis, diabetes, and infertility, sleeping difficulties, heart diseases, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer, strokes and may be gallstones etc.  Being slim you stay confident and look more attractive physically. You will get a sense of fulfillment after having a slim body. It will give you a positive outlook on life.

What are the Possible Treatments of Obesity?

Number of treatment options are available that can help people to achieve and maintain a suitable weight. In order to have a slim body the very first option is to make dietary changes as eating high-fiber food can actually help in losing weight. It is not easy to achieve a healthy weight loss so one should avoid crash-dieting. For few people it is suggested to stay active as more they stay active, the more their bodies will burn calories. Sometimes the medication may be prescribed by the doctor in order to help the person lose weight. This only happens when no other way is effective in losing weight. Surgery and Hormonal treatments are the painful ways of getting rid of obesity and having a slim and beautiful appearance.

In the present time, a lot of alternative ways are available which can help in having slim body fast instead of using the old ways of getting rid of obesity. These are quick; time efficient and reliable ways of achieving you goal. Different types of machines, belts, creams, herbal pills, electronic products etc. are in trend for having a slim body fast.

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