Does Being Slim Make You Happy?

How can I make my body shape happy?

That’s like asking does money make you happy. We have all heard the stories of the old man found dead of malnutrition, living in a hovel and surrounded by millions in cash. Money itself cannot make us happy, but earning money, spending it wisely, having enough to provide for our families, paying our bills on time and having a little over to enjoy the nice things in life, provides for a happier life compared to having constant struggles and worries over lack of money. I’ve been in both positions, so I am speaking from my own experiences.

Being Overweight Made Me Sad

When I was overweight and unfit I wasn’t happy, not because of the fat itself but because of the turmoil it created in my life. I didn’t eat for nutrition and health, I ate to lose weight or I ate for comfort, leaving me with feelings of guilt and failure.

I didn’t like how I looked, I couldn’t dress the way I wanted to, I felt out of control and overwhelmed. It wasn’t just cosmetic either, I was lacking in energy, suffered joint pain, had way too many trips to the doctor with minor infections and I had high cholesterol. This was during my late twenties, I hate to think of what my health would be like now, seventeen years on, if I hadn’t made changes. The extra weight I was carrying held me back from living a full filled life.

Risk Factors

Many men experiencing obesity also have erectile dysfunction. According to experts, “Fifty-three% of men within the ages of 40-70 have some level of erectile dysfunction.” There are many chance factors for erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Age
  • Cardiovascular disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Low testosterone
  • Smoking and diabetes, along with a bad diet and inactive lifestyle

Obesity and ED

Overweight/obesity can produce ED. Obesity can harm blood arteries due to connected hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and inflammation.

It is suggested that the heightened state of inflammation may cause free rebels in the body that produce oxidative harm to tissues. The adverse effects of hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia are well analyzed, published, and received. Men influenced by obesity may have hypertension, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, and diabetes, all of which provide erectile dysfunction.

If you are pretended by obesity, the chance of contracting diabetes is two to three times more likely than for someone who is not influenced by obesity, says experts. Additionally, More than 50% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction.

Taking Control

Finally I stopped ‘dieting’, took control of what and when I ate, began to get fit and strong and it felt fantastic. Losing fat, changing my body shape and getting fit lead to my new, improved lifestyle. Life style also helps you in ED problem as Fildena or vidalista 60 does. This made me happy. Dressing the way that I want to dress, wearing high heels, and liking my reflection when I look in the mirror makes me happy. Enjoying food, eating for nourishment, being in control of what I eat makes me happy.

Exercising, trying new sports and activities, feeling fit and strong makes me very happy. Sharing my knowledge and helping others to achieve what I have achieved, making my living by helping people to take control of their own lives, makes me incredibly happy.

Taking control of what and when I eat, working hard to improve my fitness and strength, improving my well-being through my actions and behavior gave me the tools I needed to take control of other areas of my life too. I have learned to let go of stress, people and situations that make me sad and to concentrate on spending time doing the things I enjoy most, some old habits and behaviors had to be left behind. Try vidalista 40 to treat ED fast. I also made a decision to spend more time with people who I enjoy being around and who in return appreciate my company. Happiness is not an entitlement, it comes from our actions.

Does Being Slim Make You Happy?

In my case yes, because of what I have done since becoming slim, fit and healthy, that’s what makes me happy. It’s just like anything else in life; it’s not what we have that matters, it’s what we do with what we have that makes the difference.

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