Easy way to remove dandruff

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Dandruff (scientific name is Seborrheic Dermatitis) is a skin problem with hair follicles. People of all ages can be happy. At times, it causes great distress. However, there is a way to eliminate cough at home. If you do not have regular hair, do not shampoo, if the skin on the head becomes dry, bacteria and fungi are increased, etc. It causes dryness in the hair. This causes hair follicles in the hair, causing the skin to become tiny.

Natural herbal remedies:

This remedy can be cured by natural way to relieve dryness, with shampoo and medications. They are completely natural and have no side effects.

Nimmpata: Lilac Leef contains antifungal and antibacterial ingredients, which is very effective in removing any type of wound and hair fall on the hair follicles. Hair care has been used since ancient times. Boil some neem leaves with 2-3 cups water. Then rinse it head when cold. Or put neem leaves on the head and wait for 4 hours. After that rinse with clean water.

Neem leaves to remove dandruff

Use the neem leaf pack to remove the dandruff.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is very effective in relieving dandruff. It removes the dry feeling of the hair follicles and relieves itching. Take coconut oil like quantity and lemon juice in half. Massage the hair thoroughly. After 20 minutes wash your hair. Do this two to three times a week.

Apple Cedar Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar or vinegar is very famous for treating hair follicles especially dryness. It reduces the pH of the hair follicles and improves its health. It also destroys hair follicles and strengthens it. Mix 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 8-20 drops of oil and massage it into the head. After a while, gently rinse. Use it 2-3 times a week.

Olive Well: Olive oil is very effective in removing dryness of the skin of the head. It contains extra-virgin oil which has been used for skin care for ages. Heat the olive oil lightly in quantity. Then massage the hair thoroughly. Stick the head in a clean and warm towel. That way, stay for 5 minutes or overnight. Wash your head with shampoo or conditioner. Use it a few times a week.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice contains acid to remove fungus. It is also capable of relieving itching caused by pleasure. Mix half a lemon juice with 1 tablespoon yogurt and massage the skin on the head well. After 20 minutes shampoo and wash your head. Or mix lemon juice with water and keep it for 5 minutes. Then rinse your head with shampoo.

Fenugreek to remove the scent

Use a pack of fenugreek to remove the scent.

Fenugreek packs: Fenugreek is very popular and famous for relieving dandruff. It contains high levels of protein and amino acids which are very important in hair care. It also has antifungal which is very effective in relieving the scent. Soak 1 tablespoon fenugreek overnight in water. In the morning, fold it in the head. You can mix lemon juice with it for quick results. Put fenugreek leaves in the head for a few hours, then rinse your head with shampoo. Apply it twice a week.

Baking soda: Baking soda is very useful to eliminate dryness. It removes dead cells from the skin of the head and absorbs excess hair oil. It helps to make the hair shine and thicken by removing the fungus. Soak the hair first, then apply baking soda and rub it well on the head and hair. Wash your hair with warm water for a few minutes. Use it twice a week.

CAUTION: Do not shampoo the hair while taking this treatment.

Multan soil: Multan soil is very famous for skin and hair care. It is very effective as a medicine to relieve itching. As a result of using it, the hair is soft, shiny and itchy. Make a paste by mixing soil, water and lemon juice as per the demand. Then rub it on the skin of the head and keep it for 20 minutes. Finally wash your head.

Packed with aspirin and shampoo: Aspirin is known as a fever medicine, but it is very effective in relieving itching. It contains a large amount of salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in making anti-dandruff shampoo available on the market. It can relieve dryness and make the hair more refined. Grind two aspirin tablets with shampoo and rub it on the head and wait for a few minutes. Then wash your head well. Or mix 2 tablespoons of powder with 1 tablespoon vinegar and massage it into the head. After 5 minutes wash your head.

Mehndi Leaves and Lemon Shampoo: The qualities of mehndi are very popular throughout Khushki Sara. It softens and brightens the hair. Divide some mehdi leaves with tea leaves and yogurt. Then mix lemon juice and leave it in a cool place for 1 hour. Apply well on the head and wash your head for 2 hours.

Be sure to use natural herbal remedies 5 times a week for good results until the dryness is gone.

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