Black dye on the body, can not be ignored

Many times black spots on the body can be seen on the scalp. However, this black spot may feel some pain, no one or nothing. Because of this, nobody has a headache for the stain. But suddenly these spots in the body can be a major disease, or an early indication of the disease. Therefore, such a spot can not be shaken.

Such sore spots can be seen in various parts of the body due to lack of vitamin C. A few more symptoms are also revealed during this time.

A human body should take at least 8 to 20 mg of vitamin C daily. You can take up to two thousand Vitamin C maximum. Vitamin C can solve various problems including heart health, eye protection, hair problems, skin brightness. Now, however, know the symptoms that appear in the body in the absence of vitamin C –

  • If you are deficient in vitamin C, it is often cold-fever. The antioxidant material contained in it is ready to fight any infection.
  • It also causes swelling in various parts of the body. In the absence of vitamin C, such as small toes in the toes, muscles of the hands.
  • Bleeding from the nose is another symptom. Scurvy is a disease that lacks vitamin C.
  •  There is pain in various joints of the body. That is why it is mandatory to keep vitamin C in the daily diet list.
  •  At that time the skin becomes pale. In the absence of vitamin C, rash occurs in the cheeks, armpits, thighs. As the body becomes extra dry, the lips begin to burst and even the lips burst.
  •  Feeling tired and exhausted during this time. Lack of vitamin C also puts mental health at risk.

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