How to have stay bed long time with your wife

A number of diseases, including mental distress, anxiety, diabetes, can cause this problem. There may be emotional turmoil, anxiety or sometimes early marriage or during the first intercourse. Studies show that there is a specific type of receptor in the human brain called the Saratogenic receptor or 5, the HT receptor. If this receptor is low in birth or for some reason its effectiveness is reduced, such problems or diseases may occur. Terminology of medical science is called rapid semen, premachio ejection, or briefly rapid rapid ejaculation. It is possible to increase sexual intercourse with the wife by removing the emotional tension.

Increase the emphasis on the hand. It is often seen that when men have sexual intercourse, all or almost all of the mass is given in pennies, the semen can be released quickly, so it is necessary to raise the hand.

You need to change positions with your wife for not much time in one position.

Another method is to get out once.Once you show your semen to your wife or elsewhere before sexual intercourse. He’ll be Horny. Now wash the penis well with water. After the 2 minute break, slowly start kissing again. It should be possible to enter the vagina again in 5 minutes.

If you feel that you are coming out while inserted, then straighten out and adore your wife without pushing. If normal then start again

Practice a habit at home. Soothe yourself with penis and take it right up to the moment the semen is released, after which it will not return to normal.
It’s best not to do it more than once a week because it can cause body damage.

Hopefully if you are careful about these things, your sex life will be great. When you feel like semen is about to go down, reduce some tension, focus on the other side. For example, praise your wife’s quality, and brush her hair. You talk for a while, it will reduce the tension a bit.

In this way, the tension can be prolonged during intercourse.

Method 1: – Detect (squeeze) by pressing: This method is invented by two people named Masters and Johnson. The catch method is actually guessed by name how to do it. Whenever a man thinks his semen is almost on the way to the ground, then he or his partner will hold the vein / urethra for a few seconds, with the road leading to the lower side of the penis near the testicles, at the very beginning of the penis.

(From the side of the penis you have to be clipped like a clip with two fingers.) Take 1 to 5 seconds after the pressure release. Avoid performing sex or performing any type of sexual activity during this time. This method may cause men to lose their sexual orientation for a while. But if you restart the activity for 5 seconds, the penis will regain its firmness.

Squeeze method as many times as you like in a match. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice or practice. So it would be foolish to think about getting a fruit for the first time.

Method 2: – Tensing: Before talking about this method, let me give you some basic ideas.

The type of contraction or tensing method here is very similar to the type of compression or tensing that we repress in the area from the bottom of the testicles to the rectum to completely discharge the urine during urination. But here we will apply the difference – not the pressure. Now the basic description – when assuming the semen is almost to the ground during intercourse, all your sex activities will be stopped.

Pull the area from the scrotum to the pelvis for a few seconds in high force. Leave now. Try again for a few seconds. After doing this 2/3 times, when you see that the pressure on the semen is gone, resume your sexual activity. The contraction will prolong your sexual intercourse. Again, the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice or practice. So it would be foolish to think about getting a fruit for the first time.

Method 1: – Pause (teasing / pause and play): This method is widely used. Usually all couples support this procedure. In this manner, when reaching the semen position during intercourse, exclude the penis or pause the activity while inside. This time you can leave you managed. That is, turn your mind away from feeling happiness.

You can resume when the semen pressure is reduced. The success of the pause method depends entirely on your practice. Although this method may not be successful in the first place, those who regularly engage in sexual activities know the merits of this method. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice or practice. So don’t worry about getting results for the first time. Addendum: All of the above methods are your partner’s satisfaction

For the purpose Many people think that these tricks will raise questions about masculinity. The idea is completely wrong. You explain to your wife the procedures. See if that helps you. Because he knows you take more time means he will benefit.

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