How to lose five kilos in three days?

Many people want to lose weight in a short time. If you want to lose weight in a short time then there are some rules to follow. There will be a number of changes in the lifestyle, from eating to eating. There are some hard rules to follow. An effective diet plan is to reduce weight by five kg in three days. He has to go according to plan. The best way to lose weight is to gradually lose weight in a healthy way. There are several diet plans to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

The first day

Most important is the first day. Depending on the day, your three-day plan. Eat more fruits on the first day. When you want to eat, you can eat fruit only. However, many fruits should not be eaten together. Eating a little each time is good for the body. Banana should not be eaten on the first day of the diet. The first day you can eat any fruit except banana. As a result, the higher the amount of water, the better it is to eat fruit. The stomach is often filled with it. In addition, you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day. The stomach should never be empty during the diet. Whenever you are hungry, eat the fruit only. Breakfast on the first day includes one egg, one slice toast and half a bowl of vegetables; A boiled egg at lunch; At dinner you can keep half a cup of carrot or carrot, half the amount of fruit.

The second day

The second day, put fruits and vegetables in the list of foods. It is better to eat less fruit this day. Raw or roasted – you can eat any type of vegetable you like. Use very little oil when cooking vegetables. If you eat too much oil in cooking, you are more likely to lose weight. So without using oil, you can eat it by semi-boiling or by cooking as you like. Carrot, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, bean etc. can be placed in the list of vegetables. However, it is best not to eat potatoes for three days in the diet. Potatoes contain a lot of sugars.

You can put a small amount of potato on the breakfast list. It will reduce the calories in various activities throughout the day and will not freeze fat. Like the first day, on the second day you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. The second day breakfast consisted of one slice cheese, a small apple; An egg at lunch, one slice toast; For dinner keep one cup of tuna or any other fish a piece and the amount of vegetables.

The third day
On the last day of the diet plan, put vegetables and fruits in the list of foods. In the last days, vegetables and fruits can be eaten in the stomach. It is better not to eat bananas and potatoes. Drink the same amount of water as the first two days. One slice cheese, a small apple, for breakfast on the last day; An egg at lunch, one slice toast; For dinner keep one cup of tuna or another piece of fish, amount of vegetables.

At the end of three days, your body weight will be reduced to at least four to five kilograms, as well as the appearance of eating vegetables, fruits and nutritious foods will brighten the face. However, you should consult a doctor before starting the diet. By following this diet with the advice of a nutritionist, you can easily lose weight by five kg in three days. Avoid drinking artificial fruit juices, soft drinks during the diet. It is better not to eat sugar in any food.

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