How to Create Paid Search Offers That Are Actually Profitable?

Paid search is a fancy name for PPC (Pay-Per-Click). It is a form of search engine advertising which is being widely practiced for various purposes.

Paid search is a relatively measurable and controllable digital marketing channel compared with the conventional forms of advertising. Plus, this type of advertisement’s essential element is that you do not need to pay until a user clicks on it.

PPC ads work as the name suggests. When users click on it, the amount is deducted from the defined budget. Paid search is one of the most widely-used forms of online advertisements. With the digital evolution, users are using search engines like Google more than ever before. Hence, in this scenario, businesses are taking advantage of paid search to promote their business offerings.

Nevertheless, creating the most compelling paid search offer is crucial to make your ads profitable. But, how to create an exceptional paid search offer?

Well, there are multiple factors that contribute to producing influential paid search offers. Go through this article, and you will get your answer.


Identify primary objectives

 When you are focusing on revenue generating paid search campaigns, your primary objectives should be clear. From allocating budget to how much profit to gain from the ads should be clearly defined. The blueprint of the PPC ads needs to have clear goals, for instance. If the paid search ad’s goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), you will surely earn lucrative growth out of the campaign.

Once you have determined the primary objectives, you walk on the right path to gain maximum advantage from the campaign. So, be sure to have clear goals while aiming at a higher profit from the search ads.

Choose keywords wisely

 Keywords play a crucial role in making or breaking the success of search ads. If you have wisely used the potential phrases or words that users search to find your business, the chances are higher that you generate more traffic; eventually revenue. Also, pay attention to the pricing when choosing the keywords. The keywords with high competition generally charge more per bid/click.

So, here it becomes vital to confirm how much you can spend on the ads. Further, you should prepare a list of negative keywords and make sure not to use them in your ads. This will help in protecting you from being involved in unnecessary expenses. Plus, if you use negative keywords, you might not crack the profit goals you should.

Analyze product-market fit

 Before you invest in any form of advertising, it must establish a product-market fit. If your search ad fits in a product-market fit, it means that your offer solves a problem or meets a need of your target audience. Likewise, focus on advertising with the product-fit elements will help in generating more profitability.

So, if you have determined to utilize paid search, you should validate your ideas before running an ad. Your PPC campaign purpose should be driving strategic experiments. And, eventually, you can earn more revenue through strategic actions.

Use an attractive landing page

 A landing page is a must while you want to drive more revenue through paid search. The landing page is an essential guide for qualified prospects to understand the products or services you are offering. On this page, you can embrace the opportunity to improve conversion rates through apparently placed information and CTAs.

If you use the suitable CTA at the right spot, you can drive the users to take actions; potentially involved in a transaction with your business. In fact, a PPC company that has successfully run a paid search campaign always recommends driving the traffic on a specific landing page.

However, most of the time, businesses use an existing web page (i.e., homepage, service page, etc.) as a landing page of paid search. This practice will not boost profitability compared to using an exclusive landing page to foster the potential lead through paid search.

Create a powerful ad copy

 Last but not least, you should create the most powerful yet relevant ad copies while aiming to get more profit through the search ads. The more simple, intuitive the ad copy is, the more it attracts the users. The ad copy should be easy to understand and displayed in a presentable manner that each user can understand what you are offering.

Whether you run PPC ads to introduce a discount offer, new service, or product, the details need to be clearly highlighted. A clear, concise PPC ad copy improves the chances of getting more qualified clicks.

Of course, creating a paid search offer is a painstaking task. But, if you pay attention to specific elements, you can end up generating offers that are lucrative in the end. Whenever in doubt about the paid words, connecting with a PPC company would be a wiser decision. The PPC service provider companies generally have prior experience. So, they can work even better for your business and help you to generate more revenue.

About the Author:

Rakshit Hirapara is a content marketer at PeddleWeb, an internet advertising company in India. He holds spectacular skills in digital marketing, branding, lead generation, customer retention and a few more. He has been featured in major publications like,, Hyken,,, and a few more. Connect with follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn here.

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