Key Innovations that Will Change the Future of Air Conditioners

Our fast-paced world keeps demanding for advancement in our everyday lifestyle and activities. As time keeps passing by, consumers continue to remain on their toes, desperately waiting for the next technological innovation that will take the world by storm and make lives easier. We present to you some revolutionary air conditioner features that will undoubtedly blow your mind, and reshape consumer lifestyle thresholds.

  1. 3D Printing Air Conditioners

The first mind-boggling air conditioner feature on this list is the most anticipated — the 3D printing air conditioner. Many consumers, upon hearing of this innovation, deem it implausible and deny even looking into it. Although it exists only in theory so far, we reckon that it is worth mentioning in this article. This innovation is very much in the process of being produced as corporations have been actively working on it for a few years. Emerging Objects, for instance, has already begun working on a 3D printer that prints items that possess the capacity to cool moisture in an area.

  1. Membrane-based Rooftop Air Conditioners

A corporation named Dais Analytics is currently experimenting with an air conditioner that would utilize water as a refrigerant instead of the conventional chemicals normally used. This was invented keeping in mind electricity consumption, and if successfully produced, it will save up to 50% of electricity, in addition to functioning perfectly for humid and hot temperatures. This technological innovation is being implemented with the aid of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

  1. Movement Detecting Air Conditioners

The MIT Company is the face behind this impressive innovation. With the terrifying deterioration in climatic conditions worldwide, the MIT Company pledged to try to make a difference with the resources available around them. To save on energy, a focus is placed on detecting movement in a room that will result in the activation of the air conditioner. The motion sensors responsible for this invention will reduce your electricity bills as well. This innovation is all the more exciting considering that prototypes of this air conditioner already exist, and are circulating amongst investors.

  1. Heat Pump integrated Air Conditioners

An additional take on the membrane-based rooftop air conditioners is the heat pump integrated air conditioner. These air conditioners aim to work effectively without any chemical refrigerants, which is the main differentiating factor between the two air conditioners. This electrocaloric invention works with fewer individual mechanical units, and contributes to a 25% augment in its overall system efficiency compared to conventional air conditioners. It is also perfect for countries that are exposed to extreme heat environments in the summer, as it prevents you from ever having to suffer from a heat wave. Say goodbye to all air conditioning shortages with this appliance.

  1. Thermal Powered Air Conditioners

Introduced by Chromasun, these thermal powered air conditioners are believed to permanently alter the air conditioner landscape with their active utilization of solar panels and natural gas. Reducing electricity costs altogether will further reduce the long-term expenses that consumers have to bear. Although the initial cost of it may be expensive, this is an investment that you cannot miss out on. It is expected to overtake every air conditioning brand with its revolutionary system.

  1. Internet-based Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are not new to the industry. In fact, several brands actively manufacture these air conditioning systems because of their high demand in the market. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we mention them on this list because of the significant impact they have had on the air conditioner industry. Treating ‘consumers as kings’ and building on the convenience given to a consumer, these air conditioners have changed the playing field that all manufacturers previously worked in.

Switching between feature options on an air conditioner from any room in a house with a tap on your smartphone screen is one of the smartest inventions till date. Recognizing this, Hitachi has had massive success in the smart air conditioner department. In fact, in 2018, Hitachi was labelled as the best ‘Indian Smart Air Conditioners Company’, and was even given an award to commemorate the title provision.

Further, their most recent 2 ton AC has provided them with an edge over all their other competitors because of their incorporation of green refrigerants, and has further contributed to their glowing customer reviews.

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