How to increase the size your buttocks or hip naturally ?

It is better to carry weight of extra fats on your solid thighs, hips and back rather than around the waist. Men are found obsessed with the big hips of women. Many women try to make them sexually attractive, big hips in women come with the endless benefits among women. According to one study it is found that the majorities of women are curvier and has wider hips. Big butt is not only meant for meeting the eye, but they have many more advantages. The far most important advantage of big hips is that women with wide hips have a higher level of intelligence. It is also said that the children born to the women with wider hips have higher level of intelligence than the children of less curvy mothers. It is much better to have fats on the hips, thighs and lower region than around the waist as it has a range of health benefits and protects against heart diseases and diabetes. The fats around the waist release fatty acids into the body and the cytokines molecules trigger the inflammation. The Butt fats carried on the thighs traps the harmful fatty acids and helps in preventing a range of health problems i.e. insulin resistance. Fats of backside and thighs are resistive, burn slower and harder to shift, they can release beneficial hormones which protect the arteries and help control the blood sugar.

With the advancement in technology people are getting more concerned about their health and especially women are conscious about their physique. Now it is well known that the body fat distribution is important to health. The thigh fats and larger hip are considered helpful in promoting health where the lower body fats are protective by itself. It is much preferred to have a pear-shaped body than apple-shaped. It is known that more fats around the thighs provide the stomach stays slim.

According to one research big butt plays an important role in protecting the body against excessive weight thus women with big hips are rarely have issues with their weight. There is a crucial fact connected with the larger hips which is that wide hips make the childbirth easy and safe. Women with wide hips are able to pass child easily and have less complications and reduces the chances of death during the process of delivery. Curvy hips are considered ideal and now many people are attracted to wide hips as they look nice.

During researches it is found that the women with bigger hips scored more than the skinny one and similarly the children of women with big butts outscored the children of skinny mums. It is not only the big hips that indicate a high intellectual level but it is the size of the woman’s butt in relation to the size of her waist. The reason for it is that the buttock fats are richen in the omega-3 acids that are useful in promoting the brain growth whereas the fats that are stored around the belly are loaded with the omega-6 acids which increase the obesity only and makes the pants too tight.

What are the Different Methods of Enlarging the Hips?

Bigger hips and smaller waist is now the desire of any girl as it is considered that they add femininity and confidence to the personality. In order to get a toned and well-shaped body one need to work on their self a lot. But not all the ways are effective equally. To get a gracious and beautiful physique one need to figure out that what influences the size of the waist and hips.

The very first way of getting a bigger hips and smaller waist is the proper nutrition. The intake to proteins and fiber is recommended where it is advised to reduce the consumption of gluten and bakery products. A good and healthy diet is helpful in eliminating the toxins and waste from the body.

Exercise and Nutrition is the safest, natural and most effective way to widen the hips. Non-healthy foods makes to gain additional weight so it is best to take calories from the clean source which are packed with nutrition such as fruits, low fat dairy items, lean meats, veggies and whole grains.

The right type of work out and exercises are required for having the perfect figure. Along with this the main thing is to have willpower, eat right, exercise properly and stick to the plan. Some useful exercises for this purpose are as follows:

  • Squats
  • Sumo squats with dumb-bells
  • Planks
  • Abdominal crunches lying on the floor
  • Lifting the hips on one leg
  • Swinging foot on all fours
  • Side leg raises
  • Hip raises
  • Squat kicks
  • Lunges
  • Stair climbing
  • Donkey Kick

Try to add most of the exercises that targets the enhancement of hips region. Many yoga poses are designed to open the hips so one may try yoga for having enlarged hips.

Surgery is one of the ways to get larger and wider hips. It is the quick way of getting your desired physique but it come with the pain as in this the fats are removed from various areas of your body and then transferred to your hips. Hip implantation is another way in which slices of silicones are placed under the skin which gives a more curvaceous appearance.

Often ladies are found using the short alternatives for making hips look larger like padding the hips, revamping the wardrobe etc.

All the above mentioned methods require hard effort and consistency but in the busy and hectic routine of the people now-a-days it becomes nearly impossible to adopt these ways. With the advancement in technology many different techniques and equipment are developed which are easy to use and gives the result fast. Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of these products, they are preferred by people over rest of the other methods. These products and techniques include different creams for enlarging the hips, Hip Enlarger Massage, Buttock Enlarger Essential Oils etc. These products are easy to use and give the quick results.


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