How to LeFt ‘smoking in #51 days tested “Policies” !!!

You probably have seen a lot of TV commercial or anti-smoking advertisement like-‘Smoking cause cancer’ or ‘smoking kills’ or ‘smoking may cost you’; so, did you ever think about it, why such slogans are written on those anti-smoking advertisements. As a smoker, you should know about these advertisements and several bad effects come to your life through smoking. So, it may be the best time to consider the facts and you should try to quit smoking now.

In this article, I am going to give you several reasons to stop smoking and adverse effects of smoking in your body and mind. I will also try to motivate you to quit it as soon as possible.

First thing to quit smoking, you need the will power and determination. But at first, it’s going to be too much difficult for you to spend your first day without cigarettes. But the commitment and decision you have taken try to remember it and thus the way you may start to handle the quit day.

You may try some other methods and make some plans to stay out from cigarettes and work through these plans. Here, I am telling you to follow some steps and ways to stay out from smoking and eventually these steps may lead you to quit smoking for rest of your life, you could live a happy and healthy life. 

Make your own plan and stick to the plan

There are several ways to quit smoking. Some work better than others, but the best plan is the one you can stick with.

Consider below listed points which might work for you:

Determination is the first step to resolve this issue. As you may know, smoking a cigarette merely a habit than an addiction. So, to remove a bad habit you have to work with them and for smoking you have to do the same.

Most people who try to quit smoking, they actually try to do it on his own or didn’t take others aid for it. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes not.

Find out those triggers and situations whenever you need to smoke  

Some situation, location and may be some person, make you want to reach for a cigarette.

So, find out those points and note them down at first. Then try to avoid those persons, places and your lifestyles that can give you a desire for smoking. Do it at least for three or some months because it is the crucial time that may bring you back to start smoking again.

Keep in mind the first few days are the toughest time and you may feel tiredness, depressed, lack of concentration on your works and some other things based on your nature. In that time, you may join a quit smoking group in your community and may be call a friend who is not a smoker and spend your time with him or her. Try to reach those places where smoking is prohibited and enjoy good company and keep yourself always busy with works so that your mind keep you away from the desire of smoking.

After passing those first few days, you will feel more relaxed and normal than before and obviously you will feel the change. But still, you may get attracted and desire for smoking.

In this situation, try to focus on your plans and build a new hobby and practice it with your non-smoker friends. Involve yourself with some physical activities which may reduce stresses of your mind.

Try to give yourself a treat or a reward. When you reached to a milestone according to your plan and you must know that what you are trying to do is not so easy, so give yourself a reward with those things what you really would love. Obviously, it is going to give you the proper inspiration required to fully quit smoking.

If above mentioned things are not working with you, you may need to consult a counselor who may help you in this regard and together you may find some other ways to quit smoking. You may need behavioral therapy, nicotine replacement therapy or some sort of medications to resolve your problems. Even you may need combined treatments or need to admit in drug correction center to quit smoking.

Final words, don’t lose the hope and do according to the plan. Never break the commitment because you know sheer will and commitment is equal to win the half battle.  


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