How to lose weight fast?

If anyone who wants to lose 5kg a month starts reading with great hope, you will be sad to see the title is a little clickbait type. Izili didn’t come up with the idea of ​​how to lose weight very fast in a month or how to lose weight 5-2-6 kg. Here we come, in fact, to talk about whether such a huge amount of weight can actually be reduced in a really sustainable way….

So come on, don’t know the answer to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) about losing weight fast.

– “What ceremony ahead? I will lose 5kg in a week! ”

– Did not measure weight in a long time? Weight has increased to 12-5 kg? Did you hear about the search for a relative?

– “I will lose 5kg in a month!”

– “Last month, the beautiful dress that exploded today exploded? Weight loss now !! ”

Because, anyway, the first step in these bizarre hobbies is to “How to lose weight” on the net – by searching! And some of the most popular questions in that type of search –

Question and Answer Episode on Weight Loss Very Fast
You are very fat, how to lose weight very quickly?
“I’m so fat, how can I lose weight fast?” We want to ask those who do the question the opposite –

How long did it take you to be ‘too fat’? How long ago was you dry?


* I have been fat for the last 3-6 months.

* Didn’t notice when I was fat!

* Everyone says I’m fat.

* Weight does not measure, one day I see the weight suddenly became obese.

Basically the above answers come from those who are not at all aware of their health, wellness. In two ways, they harm their health throughout life –

1. Suddenly gaining a huge amount of weight, regardless of its own weight.

2. Trying to reduce the huge weight of various crush diets, hijabi ‘herbal tea’, ‘supplements’ and again lose their health.

So how to lose weight very quickly when suddenly obese? First, remove the word ‘suddenly’ from your sentence. ‘Suddenly’ nobody gets fat. Even if you sleep daily, eating a normal 6-inch 12-inch pizza will take 3-5 months to increase the weight of a normal person … so how do you reduce this weight in 5 weeks without moving a little? Is that easy?

Does your question seem credible to yourself?

A person with an unhealthy lifestyle who does not exercise and whose metabolism is normal or slightly slow may take up to 5 years to lose an extra 3-5 kg ​​weight.

What do I mean to lose weight in a “healthy” “sustainable” way?

1. Where as a side effect of weight loss you will not suffer from melanitriation, skin, no hair loss.

2. The biggest thing is that today the weight is not reduced by 5kg and tomorrow it will not increase by 5kg. You will be able to hold 5 weight-ties after losing 5 kg.

So ‘too fast’ naturally you can’t lose weight without doing a great deal of damage to yourself. It would not be worth the effort. Instead of patiently taking a healthy routine diet, moderate exercise daily will save both health and time. Do that.

3) I got fat after the illness or operation, how to reduce?
C-section, PCOS, thyroid-along with other hormonal problems, due to the heritage Extreme Slow Metabolism, many people continue to gain weight. Many times the weight goes to an awkward stage before these problems get caught! Even then, it is seen that without taking the help of the doctor without eating or eating, many people try to lose weight by taking the diet themselves by taking the chart off the net. But no matter how much you eat, the weight does not decrease! What is worse than this?

In this case, it is absolutely imperative to lose weight. First you need to get a doctor’s help. Weight is increasing, wanting to control but not getting? Get checked up now. How do you find a solution if you do not know that you have problems? If the hormonal problem is diagnosed, the problem must be treated first. Long-term customized diet charts will be required for overweight patients. That will give the doctor / nutritionist. You will need Daily 5-5 minutes Exercise.

Otherwise, you will not be able to lose weight or be in control. So is it better not to waste time on the ‘Shore’ and ‘Safe’ roads?

4) After a week program, how to reduce 5kg?
Aegis, the program ahead will not understand this logic. The minimum time you need to increase your weight to 5 kg, it will take 4-5 times longer to reduce the minimum. Still want to lose 5kg in 5 weeks? Next 5 days if you eat only water you can reduce your weight by 5-6 kg … In that case you will have serious low blood pressure, malnutrition. The hair will fall like half.

And after a week? When will the regular pulse go to the Rice Diet at the end of the “program”? In 6 months, weights will increase by 3-5 kg! You will be a bit thicker than ever… Repeat this semicolon before the next ‘program’. That’s how your life goes.

Not so, in a week, this weight loss is not. Barjo’s Half Kg is reduced to 1 kg by the Safe Exercise Diet.

5) How to lose weight fast? Cumin water, ginger water, green tea, cinnamon? Will it be less then?
Never again, this point should be very well understood, ‘It is not possible to lose weight by eating something’. All of these henna would in some cases help to raise ‘metabolism’. But just the ‘crush diet’ and the benefits of gaining weight by trying to lose weight by drinking this water in the morning and afternoon are – huge gastric, acidity problem, diarrhea, low blood pressure, anemia … nothing more.

It is very good to eat green tea with safe diet, exercise (as I said earlier, if you want to read it). Butt cumin, ginger, cinnamon to lose weight no one has been able to prove it till date.

6) How long will it take to actually lose weight?
Each person’s weight increases and decreases at a certain rate. It depends entirely on the rate of metabolism. Some are not fat even after eating a lot, and some are fat by eating a plate of rice. So try to understand your metal.

This allows you to create ‘realistic’ weight loss expressions.

‘I am dry for 2 months, I dieted so I did not dry!’ – Do not be sad to think that.

Again – think of how long the weight has increased, multiply that by 5. Exercise in roughly 5 times, try to lose weight by practicing a little Healthy Food Habit.

Without suffering, the effort cannot match. There is no shortcut to succes. OK?

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