Constipation should be avoided

Consumption of water and liquid foods can help prevent constipation. You will also have to eat fried foods. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits such as bale, papaya, etc. are fibrous foods.

No worries: You should try to live a life free of anxiety or stress.

Routine Mall Release: There are many people who do not want to leave the stool regularly. Again the velocity does not really want to go to the bathroom, he presses on. These bad habits have to be removed. Besides, regular exercise and walking habits should be developed.

Isobugal Bhusi: Isbagul Bhusi acts like magic to relieve constipation. Those who suffer from constipation will benefit from playing this husk daily before breakfast. In addition, domestic tips such as aloe vera or vertebrates also help in the treatment of constipation.

Avoid tea-coffee: Foods like coffee, pizza, fast food or pasta should be avoided. Chocolate, roasting, red meat (cows, khasi, etc.), chips, rich in sugary bakery foods such as cakes, pastry cakes and iron capsules, raw cucumbers are better to eat. In addition, some drugs are responsible for constipation (such as consuming ibuprofen, a painkiller, iron or calcium pill).

Constipation  free life

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