Why is the average life expectancy of people in Japan so high?

The average life expectancy of people in Japan is 83 years. Japanese women are even more.Japanese love simple food, regularity, and stress-free living as the main mantra of life.

They eat sushi with rice and fish which is their main meal – and its quality is immense. They are marine, fish, they eat a lot of carnivorous. A lot of vegetables are eaten with it. But low-calorie intake. The Japanese generally consume 25% less calories than other countries.average life expectancy of people in Japan

They are not hard work, they are hard working. How much diet, and low calorie diet keep them healthy.

And Green Tea. Very cheap in Japan. The virtues of Green Tea are now known to all.

The biggest thing is that the Japanese respect the elderly, and respect the elderly. As a result, the elderly do not feel neglected. And they live happily with children, family members in the family. They do not have to spend their days thinking about getting eaten.

The Japanese practiced regular exercise. And have a very happy day.

Because of all this, the Japanese live longer.

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