How to write an assignment? A comprehensive guide for the effective academic assignment writing

Have you also gone through the process of writing long academic assignments? Did you find them boring as well?

I agree with you, the idea of assignment writing can be daunting enough especially when you are not interested in writing at all!

Let’s break it down here that what academic assignment writing is actually all about.


Before getting into the process of doing a job from 9 to 5, an individual is stuck to showcase outstanding performance in the assignments in order to pass with flying colors. Also, the assignment writing is the most time-consuming yet stressful task of the student’s life.

Assignment writing can be considered as a job of a student. These academic tasks are long pieces of writing that every student has to write to gain his degree. During academic level, the assignment writing comprises different researches, literature review, annotated bibliography, project report, and case study based assignment.

Due to the absence of proper instruction and guidance, students find it very difficult to write the academic assignment.

The professional and assignment expert also believe that writing an academic assignment asks for huge efforts and this can go pretty scary for the students in the initial days. With the passing time, assignment writing has gone way too difficult for the students as there are so many subjects and students are unable to tackle them altogether.

I personally believe that assignments are the most critical part of your marks and you need to get them done rightly to keep your marks safe to the maximum level. Academic assignment writing is indeed very difficult and you have to put a lot of efforts and time into it.


Below I have broken down the 15 tips that would help you to craft an effective academic assignment. Have a look at them and get ready to incorporate them into your academic assignment writing.

Manage the time and start early:

Starting the assignment as early as it is given is the best option to avoid hassle at the end. You need to stay alert yet smart enough that after getting the notification of your assignment, you should start working over it as early as possible. In this way, you would be able to complete it a day before submission.

Complete the reading of the assignment:

Ensure to understand the assignment completely first. You must understand that what your teacher is asking you to bring up. Grabbing the question completely would help you to craft better assignment and you will execute better research.

Check the deadline once again:

Be sure about the deadline. Do not make the mistake of overlooking it as this will throw you in danger. You need to keep the deadline in mind so you could stay vigilant that when you must submit the assignment.

Plan the time and start the structure of assignment:

The experts from dissertation help agreed with the idea that once you have received the assignment and its deadline, you must get into the process of planning the assignment’s structure along with being watchful with the time.

Get into the research:

Getting into the process of research as soon after receiving the assignment is highly recommended. Make sure that your research is pretty keen and is centered with the instructions of your teacher. There must be nothing excessive in your assignment or else it will not be effective.

Outline the draft and analyze the collected material:

Outline the draft and analyze the material that you have collected. Keep in mind that you should have organized every searched material before getting into the process of writing the rough draft. The outline will help you to stay on the track and you wouldn’t lose the grip from the assignment.

Write the rough draft:

Prepare the rough draft first. You need to write it so you could make the final outcome as the best one. Also, with the help of rough draft, you are able to gather all the ideas and structure at one place that helps in finalizing the final draft.

Prepare the argument and get into writing process:

Once done with the writing of rough draft, you now have to get into the writing of final draft. This is where you have to stay very careful yet keen. Make sure that you are moving rightly with the track and your answer is following the right directions given by the teacher.

Take the breaks:

Well, not to mention but taking breaks while writing assignments is a major element that keeps you active and smart enough to understand the complexities of the assignment. Make sure to have some snacks and coffee in the middle of the assignment. Also, try to windup the assignment right a day before submission.

Make sure to stay on the track:

After completing the assignment, make sure to do a check that there is nothing irrelevant included in the assignment. This would also help you to point out such text that is not related to the question and can be annoying in the middle of the work.

Double check the spellings and proofread the work:

Double checking the spellings is highly recommended and the proofreading of work is equally important as well. You need to stay alert yet proficient while doing the proofreading so your assignment must be flawless yet authentic.

Your work must be edited once, cut the extra text!

As I mentioned above, you need to cut the irrelevant text out to make your assignment go more genuine and worthy. This would not only get you good marks but also your research skills would be improved.

Cite the sources:

Cite the sources after completing your work. Referencing plays a significant role in the academic assignment writing so you must take care of the resources that they must be genuine and authentic.

Appendixes, tables, and graphs:

Addition of the appendixes, tables, and graphs in the assignment is the type of task that must be kept in the end. Add them as per the given instructions of the assignment.

Wind up the work and submit:

After completing the assignment and getting done with the proofreading, it is the time to submit your task. You have put in huge efforts and now you must submit it to get your marks.


With the help of above mentioned 15 tips, you would be able to create an effective academic assignment. Just make sure to incorporate these tips smartly into your academic assignment writing to stand out in the bulk of assignment crowd.

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