If You Must Travel Now, Here’s How to Make it Safer

When the first wave of the coronavirus strikes every country in the world, it had impacted so worse. More than a million people in the world have died of the deadly virus and more to be expected. After the end of the first wave when the world was hoping for the covid to be slowed down and they could travel fearlessly.

Now the second wave of the virus has just knocked on the doors in many countries and they again locked down everything to avoid its curse.
It is amazing to know that Saudi Arabia in all this situation is confident and opened international flights for Umrah. People who were already booked with the November Umrah are now performing the umrah in Saudi Arabia with not a single covid patient. And people also hoping and choosing for the December Umrah packages.
Is it most important to travel in Covid?

Tips to move safer:

I’m discussing the elements today that can protect you by the curse of covid-19 if you are bound to travel in this threat. Keep following the tips and make sure the safety of you and your family.

How are You traveling?

The way from home to the airport is quite difficult and risky in the pandemic but the people who have to travel at any cost are traveling at any cost. You might have a business meeting or to attend an urgent event in the family, you have to travel.
An important concern is how are you traveling. If the destination is not so far, you are recommended to drive your car and don’t take the risk of public transport. But for that also, you have to disinfect your car or vehicle you are traveling through. Traveling through your car doesn’t mean to follow the standard SOPs. Go on google and search about the SOPs of the Solo travelers.

If taking public transport, you have to be extra conscious of everything in the surrounding.

Keep Distance From the People:

At least 6 feet human to human distance is suggested by the World Health organization because this disease is spreading more because of the human to human interaction. Traveling on public transport like bus, train, or airplane, there is a great threat of rush and no SOPs to be followed. In such a situation you have to be careful and have to be at a distance of 6 feet from the person next to you. Otherwise don’t travel, very simple.

The COVID Travel Toolkit:

The necessary things you cannot travel with are a few but not to be forgotten. The most important things to carry with you are a bundle of face masks, gloves, and cotton clothes to cover your face and body parts. You have to be conscious about your safety because it is covid and you cannot take any risk for yourself and your family. That is why don’t shy to carry a bundle of things. After all, this is your safety.
The rest would be the luggage you normally carry with you.

The Medical Box Must Pack:

You should not leave the medical box at home because the importance of a medical box in your travel during covid is folded more than before. The box should be having the flu and fever medicines, pain killers, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial tablets you mostly use by the suggestion of the reputed doctor with the prescription. These medicines will keep you safe and sound during your overall trip.

Get Covid Tested from Reputed Hospital:

You need to be tested for the covid from a reputable hospital and need to carry the certeficate of your negative report. This certificate is an assurance of your travel these days. This can be called a visa to enter any country. You must be tested negative. If you will come positive, you will be quarantined in a specific hotel or area, and would be treated for a certain time. You will be tested again and if you will be fine with your second-time reports, you will be allowed to move then.

Take Non-Populated Areas to Sit and Travel:

You should be taking the non-rushed areas to travel. It is also recommended to take the non-shifting travel packages so you will not be bothered to shift from one hotel to the other in your travel experience. This way you can stay safe at the destination you are traveling to.
And if you have a layover during your flight at some airport, you need to be concerned about the covid threat and would be limiting your movement on the airport. In this situation, don’t take indirect flights but if you have to, there will be disinfected areas at the airport you can sit and take a rest.

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