In your opinion, what is the highest form or stage of self-control?

1. Your crush is active on Facebook. A green light is lit next to his name. But you didn’t send him a message.

2. You deactivate all your social media accounts, feeling the urge to restart your accounts for a little while each day. But you are determined to stay away from social media.

3. Avoid pornography and all kinds of exciting videos.

4. You quit smoking in the end. But your mind is giving you a message for nicotine. And you made a promise not to touch cigarettes again.

5. When you have many opportunities to date but you pay close attention to studying instead of dating to avoid any possible distractions.

6. Stop playing video games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go and Clash Royal.

7. 3 lakhs worth of rubbish on the street and returned to the actual owner.

8. Keep yourself from watching videos on YouTube for hours on end.

9. It’s a cold and frosty morning. When everyone is sleeping under a blanket, you are running in the cold air instead of sleeping.

10.If you can learn to control yourself, you can master anything.

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