What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

1.If you masturbate regularly, you think you will not repeat, but you are repeating it nonetheless. Yes, you are also wasting your life and energy.
2,You’ve been watching the same random songs, standup videos and other things on YouTube.
3. You’ve been chatting with your crush all day.
4.Every five minutes you checking WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are checked, though there is nothing important.
5.Sundays and holidays don’t bring you joy anymore.
6.You feel angry, sad, devastated, frustrated, you blame society, you blame your family, you blame everything for your ill situation. Yet you continue to live as you always have.
7.It is very difficult to sleep at night because your afternoon sleep is too heavy.
8.You are not exercising every day. Not exercising daily is another sign that you are ruining your life.
9.Eat junk food Money losers are about to overturn. No accounting for money.
10.You wake up and put your phone first and take it back to bed.

wasting your life

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