Is it possible to control high blood pressure by taking certain foods?

Control high blood pressure following these rules:

1. You should reduce salt intake to control high blood pressure. This is because excess salt is mixed with blood and sodium in the body. Then blood pressure starts to increase abnormally. If the body’s sodium balance is not right then kidney problems can occur.

2. According to Ayurveda treatment, honey is very effective in controlling high blood pressure. Mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar with 3 tablespoons of honey in 3. cups of warm water. If you eat it every morning, problems like blood pressure or hypertension quickly come under control.

4. Potassium in bananas plays an important role in reducing blood pressure. At any time of the day, try to eat at least one banana a day.

5. According to nutritionists, mixing dab water with orange juice can be taken 2 to 3 times a day to control blood pressure or hypertension.

6. Watermelon contains enough vitamin A, lycopene, potassium and fiber to help control problems such as high blood pressure or hypertension.

7. Oats contain very little sodium. Besides, it has a high level of fiber and it plays a role in controlling problems like blood pressure or hypertension.

8. You can eat greens instead of spicy foods to control high blood pressure. Because green fiber, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid in green vegetables help to control high blood pressure.

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