Most common STDs

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Today we are going to learn about STDs. So, exactly what is a STD?

 Elaborately STD is known as sexually transmitted disease and hopefully from the full form of STD most of you can relate the context. So, I may not go detail about STDs and should tell you about different variants of STDs. Probably, you may heard or quite familiar with some forms of this disease like AIDS or Gonorrhea.

May be, we will talk about some other diseases which are not transmitted during sex but sexually associated disease be because it may occur as a result of sex. So, without further delay let’s move to the topic,

Generally and by definition, STD is a kind of a disease which may occur and spread out by sexual contact. Mostly, it is transmitted by the partner during the sex using different organs, it could be vagina, oral and anal.

And, STDs are the most tough and difficult disease to find out earlier and that’s for why, the affected patients may responsible for spreading it out gradually. Some other causes also responsible for making it very common now a days, like, ignorance or lack of knowledge, lack of consciousness and even no knowledge about how to prevent them. But by creating social awareness and following some necessary steps it could be possible to reduce the chance of affects with STDs.  

Here, some mostly common STDs are discussed and you will be able to find out symptoms, some causes and treatments of these STDs in which some are completely curable and some are hard to cure.


Scientifically is known as Chlamydia trachoma is but commonly Chlamydia. It is quite a common form of STDs and it is fully curable.

It infects the cervix in ladies and the penile urethra in men. Its most continuous indications are pain amid sex and small amount of clear and cloudy discharge from the penis or vagina.

You can get Chlamydia amid oral, vaginal or anal sex with somebody who has the disease. A lady can likewise pass Chlamydia to her infant amid during the birth. On the off chance that you’ve had Chlamydia and were treated previously, you can get re infected with it, if you have unprotected sex with somebody who has it.

So, if you feel suspicious about Chlamydia and if you think you are affected with it, then do not take time. You need to get screened and start treatment immediately otherwise it may cause heavy damage to your body.


Actually, HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, is the virus that attacks the immune system of the body and it is the main cause of establishment of AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Generally, it’s a condition of life threatening in most cases but with proper care and treatment patient with HIV/AIDS can live a long and healthy life. But the person affected with HIV, sooner they are diagnosed and start treatment sooner than the chance of higher life expectancy could be meet. Though it is a type of STD, so HIV may found in blood, semen, anal and vaginal fluids and even in breast milk. So, during the sex with a HIV affected person can pass the virus to a new host and using a needle or syringe used by HIV affected person will do the same. But HIV is not transmitted via urine, saliva or sweat at all and AIDS is the last stage of HIV where the immune system of your body is completely destroyed.

Though HIV is not still fully curable, but with some precaution and steps one may able to prevent HIV. During sex, he or she just need to use external and internal Condoms and never use others syringe and needle.


Syphilis is a typical STD with a famous history. Caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, it can prompt genuine inconveniences whenever left untreated.

Syphilis is transmitted by direct contact with syphilis injuries, which can show up on the outside privates and the mouth, just as in the vagina or rectum. That implies it tends to be transmitted by oral sex, as well as vaginal or anal sex. Actually, a few researchers believe that oral sex is in charge of the ascent of syphilis in men who have intercourse with men.

Since syphilis bruises can show up on territories not secured by a condom, condoms just diminish the probability of transmission however don’t dispose of it completely. The little easy wounds of early syphilis may recuperate without anyone else’s input, however that doesn’t mean the malady is no more. It’s simply turned out to be progressively hard to identify and treat.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial disease of your genital tract. It can likewise develop in your mouth, throat, and eyes and rear-end. The principal gonorrhea indications for the most part show up inside 10 days after presentation. Be that as it may, a few people might be contaminated for a considerable length of time before signs or indications happen.

Thick, shady or bloodydischarge from the penis or vagina, Pain or burning sensation while urinating, overwhelming menstrual draining or intense bleeding between periods, Painful, swollen testicles, irritable bowel movements, anal itching may occur during gonorrhea.

If it remains untreated then it may cause you some serious and permanent health issues. So like other STDs you first need to diagnose it and start immediate treatment for your betterment. May be you need to eat some antibiotics suggested by your doctor and should also check up your sex partner before having sex, if need treatment try to treat at the same time. 

There are several STDs which may look common to someone or not so common to someone like ……..Mycoplasma Genitalium, Trichomoniasis, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Scabies and many more STDs are available, but it is not so easy task to complete those details in a single article. That’s for why, I am signing off today and will back with detail of those STDs very soon.

Till then…………… GOODBYE.

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