Several Side effects of antibiotics and what should I do to solve it


Antibiotics are special kind of drugs or some powerful medicines mostly used for treating bacterial infections. Keep in your mind, it can only fight with bacteria, not with any kind of viruses. Antibiotics can work by killing bacteria or at least slow down the growth of bacteria’s so that it can’t spread out and reproduce more bacteria to hosts body.

Though its work with only bacteria that’s for why- it is also known as antibacterial.      

Common facts and misconception

  • Penicillin is the first antibiotic that doctors used and it was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming.
  • Consuming the same kind of antibiotics often or overuse of antibiotics may lead you to antibiotic resistance.
  • Antibiotics should not use for treating viral infections because antibiotics cannot fight with these infections such as, cold, flu or coughs.
  • One shouldn’t eat any antibiotic on his own, need to consult your doctor first. If he thinks the patient need antibiotics he will prescribe it for the patient.
  • The patient with antibiotic treatment must follow the schedule of dosage strictly, otherwise antibiotics may not work properly.
  • Several side effects may occur during the consumption of antibiotics.

In this article, we will only focus on these side effects of antibiotics and what you need to do in that situation. So, read this whole article to the end line to know more about antibiotics and its several side effects.       

As you know, not only antibiotics have side effects but also every medicine have some side effects. But consuming antibiotics in an appropriate manner are relatively safe and the patient faces few side effects. However, some antibiotics are infamous for manufacturing side effects which will be particularly intolerable. An antibiotic side effect is an unwanted reaction that happens additionally to the fascinating therapeutic action of the antibiotic. Like, every drug antibiotic side effects will occur and may meddle with the patient’s capacity to endure and complete the course of the drug.

Here, some common side effects one may face with antibiotics,

  • Rash
  • Soft stools, looseness of the bowels
  • Upset stomach
  • Some form of fungal diseases
  • Severe aversion that ends up with a respiratory issue
  • Facial swelling including lips, tongue, throat or the entire face
  • Extreme loss of water or diarrhea and even some may feel abdomen cramps
  • Mouth wounds or white fixes in your mouth or on your tongue
  • Vaginal yeast infection with white discharge
  • Itching or severe haptic sensation and many more side effects may occur and it may vary from patient to patient or antibiotic to antibiotic.

So, if above mentioned side effects you have got whereas taking an antibiotic – without any further delay contact your doctor as soon as possible. However, these side effects are quite common and mostly the patient feels them for a short time. But be cautious because long term side effects of antibiotics may occur and the patient may suffer for the long run.

So, the question may arise your mind what should I do to solve these side effects of antibiotics.

In the event that you are encountering an extreme or genuine antibiotic side effects that you cannot bear it at all, first you should contact your doctor to examine your symptoms and let him check your previous medical records. Even the doctor may need to diagnose your whole body thoroughly. The possible outcomes may include,

  • Staying on a similar antibiotic and dealing with your side effects
  • Adjusting the dosage of your antibiotic
  • Switching to an alternate antibiotic

Typically, antibiotic treatment ought not to be stopped without your doctor’s approval. The course of your medications must be completed. Ceasing antibiotic right on time because of side effects may allow your disease more worsen and may prompt the antibiotic resistance, making an antibiotic less powerful. 

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