How to make food salad and what is the benefit of it?


Salad is a special kind of dish made with various foods including vegetables, fruits and some other staffs. But the big question is, why should one eat such salad? Or, how can one make a salad?

Before move on to the topic, you need to know the effectiveness of salad in your body briefly and different health benefits and nutrition you can get by eating salad.

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9 or 13 GOOD REASONS TO EAT A SALAD A DAY, HOW CAN YOU LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING SALAD and even many more recipes how to make a salad and blah blah.

In this article we will also briefly discuss about those context which is of course going to help in some way.  Though salad is a very easy to make at home and quite available in every restaurant.So, try to eat salad and it can be the basis of good and refreshing meal.


Let’s talk about some benefits of eating salad,

Mostly, salad is made with raw vegetable and green leafs which are the best source of Fiber and consuming enough fiber in each day can be huge beneficial for your health including…………..

Balancing your cholesterol level and reduce LDL or the Bad cholesterol, it can help you to control your blood sugar and it can also help you to maintain your body weight and may help you to prevent several bowel diseases.

Some particular fiber may help you to reduce the chance of growing a number of cancers e.g. colorectal, throat, breast, mouth etc.

Combining vegetables and fruits can also make good salad and vegetables include kale, spinach, beet greens, watercress and Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, red and orange peppers, carrots, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, plums, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and pomegranates can produce delicious salad and have great nutritional benefits for your health.

So, containing vitamins and minerals salad, can reduce blood pressure, risk of heart diseases and chance of stroke and may help you to solve eye problems and can help you build a strong digestive system. In a word, a rich and healthy salad can develop a perfect immune system for your better health and refresh your mind and soul.

Though a salad can help you to build strong digestive system, it can also be able to reduce your heavy weight. A nice salad can help you to fulfil your hungriness and thus the way you will eat less food. And, you will consume less calories than you had before. So, it will be very helpful for you to burn those very extra little calories (if you gain) from your body and can lose over weight of your body.

Addionally , salad can improve your muscle performance and build strong bones because as you already know that nutrition and mineral facts of those vegetables and fruits which are the main ingredients of a salad. Another common benefit you can get from a salad, it canimprove your skin and protect you from several skin diseases including acne, abscess, rashes and many infections.

As you may know, salad vegetables and some fruits are enriched with a high level of water which can help to hydrate yourself all day long and water is the most necessary element for various basic functions of your body as well as very much beneficial for your skin.

So, if you are not making a salad as your primary meal, at least try to make it as a side dish because now you know, a salad can do what to you!

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