Signs That Indicate That You Need To Call Your Water Purified Service Now

Having purified water for drinking is a condition that should be turned into a mandatory regulation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our body comprises 70% of water; thus, any living organism needs to drink distilled water. But in this contemporary world where industrialization is taking place rapidly, the purity of the parts of nature is getting lost.

Water pollution is one of the common reasons why many people are suffering from water-borne disease. To stop this from happening, one should install an advanced water purifier to filter the dirt out of it.

Though the corporation is responsible for sieving the water and purifying it from any toxic elements that can get mixed from industrial and household waste, one should take extra help to remove the poisonous microorganisms that reside in the water. Only advanced technical assistance like RO installation can get rid of those issues.

Why Does Your Water Purifier Need Servicing?

Constant use of any piece of technology can wear down the parts of the machine. The microorganism and toxic chemicals that lay in the water need to be eradicated using the water purifier system. And due to the regular encounter with the contaminated water the filters of the water purifier get muddy in that case the quality of the purified water gets disturbed. So if you are concerned about your drinking water quality then you should book your Water Purifier Service within each 3 months. But sometimes this duration can be less depending upon the quality of the input water.

However, if you continue to use it constantly without servicing it, it would cause the system to cease functioning. By getting an RO service done in the Aquaguard service center, you will be retaining its authenticity, working ability, the integrity of the parts of machinery while ensuring that you get purified water every time.

Signs that tell that you need to contact your RO service center: 

Drinking contaminated water can increase the chances of getting infected with the disease. This calls for an immediate response taken by the authority as well as the person concerned. Due to this, the inclusion of water purifiers has become a common element that maintains its safety.

However, maintenance should always be conducted to maintain the efficiency of the filter. This section will share with you certain signs that indicate that your filter needs a quick fix.

  • Unusual issuing of sounds 

If you ever hear odd sounds issuing from the drains or faucets, then it means that your filter needs a replacement. Generally, the water purifier’s change in pressure difference can cause the faucet to originate unusual sounds.

Continuation of the water purifier’s function after the origination of odd sound would lead to nothing but a total failure of the whole system. After functioning for 3-4 days, the water purifier will cease to operate. It is better to call the purifier service center to take their help.

  • Unpurified water 

One of the characteristics of clean water is transparency. If the water you are provided with from the water purifier is dirty and lacks the essential quality that clear water should have, contact customer service.

Lack of transparency suggests that the water is unfit for drinking. Turbidity is one of the most apparent examples of your water being unfiltered. If you see the water having clouding quality, you can rule out that your filtration system has ceased to operate.

  • Metallic taste 

After the water’s installation process, the purifier has been done; the user has to drain the water to rid the tanks of any unsure elements. However, if you continue to taste a metallic odor or have a salty aftertaste clung to your tongue after drinking water, then you can try to tone down the water softener by a notch.

Even after reducing the number of water softeners, the metallic taste lingering suggests that you need to take it to the specialists. Distinct taste and odor are some of the indications which indicate that the water is unfit for drinking and needs to be purified.


Apart from these issues, the pressure of your water being dropped rapidly or the TDS level in the water surging also calls for immediate contact with the customer care service. Make sure that you install the company-based equipment for servicing.

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