Stop falling hair with the help of onion oil

Rules for making oil:

First take the oil in a bowl. Then cut another four to five onions. You will take oil and onions in a ratio of 1: 3. That is, the amount of oil you need to take is equal to the onions. And blackjir can take one or two teaspoons as desired. Then you need to pour the oil into a steel container. Inside you have to give crushed onions. This time you have to give one teaspoon of black cumin. Then put the pot in the oven and let it burn. The onions need to be burned until they are brown. Then close the oven and let the oil cool down. That way, it has to be left for hours. Then you have to take the oil in the pan. Then it should be stored in a glass bottle.

Usage Type:

If you use this oil two to three times a week, your hair fall will be greatly reduced. As well as new hair in the gown.

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