Diaper rash and nappy rash – Natural remedies

When children are wearing diapers / nappies, their skin may be exposed to urine for a long time. This warm, moist area of ​​the skin will allow bacteria and umbrellas to grow very quickly.Diaper rash herbal treatment

The skin turns red and may even crack or bleed. By applying pure silver to the diaper / nappy rash you will be able to kill the cause of the rash within the first two hours. In mild cases, redness and pain can be cured in less than five minutes.

To prevent this nasty, uncomfortable rash, you can make a mixture of XNMAX dropper with ShopFrimmer Pursilver spray each ounce of pure water you use and a thin layer of PureSilver inside the diaper / nappy, and then let it stand for about two minutes. The same procedure can be used on baby socks to prevent athletes’ feet.

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