Find out how to safe the Corona virus

The virus spreads from the animal’s body to the human body. Now the virus is spreading to the body of another person even from the infected. The corona-virus can nest in the body even when the casualty is in contact with cough or cough.

Symptoms of corona virus are fever, shortness of breath, cough. If the disease worsens, the kidneys can be completely destroyed. Corona-virus mortality. Most worryingly, no corona-virus drugs or vaccines have been discovered so far. The best way is to keep yourself alert. Find out how to prevent corona virus-

»Try to stay home as much as possible. Watch a good movie or hang out with friends to hang out. However, it is better not to get out without the need.

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»Be sure to take a mask with you before exiting.

»Try to avoid buses, trains or similar mass transit.

»Wash hands thoroughly with hand-wash or liquid soap from the outside.

»Close the door to the door before leaving. Keep the window open for an hour in the morning. In it enough fresh air and sunlight will enter the room.

»Healthy foods should be eaten to stay healthy and strong. Eat plenty of fruits and enough water. Eat something or wash it well before cooking.

»When cooking eggs or meat, try to cook for enough time. Remember, they must be boiled.


»Try to wash dirty clothes quickly, do not leave them for days or weeks.

»Keep the house clean. Clean your living room and workplace regularly. Use ethyl alcohol in this case. You can find it at any drugstore.

»You must use masks to stay safe. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice quickly. If you know someone who is infected, get a quick treatment.

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