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Winter is the festival season in Madar. It is seen that there is a wedding invitation almost every week. There are also Victory Day, English New Year, Peetha Festival, Picnic, Going to visit. It is cold, rough weather, then makeup on these occasions, the skin condition is miserable. One went to the ceremony, so before going to the next ceremony, there are twelve beige on the skin. How to get rid of it? Very simple. You don’t even have to run to the Rose Parlor or buy cosmetics to spend a lot of money. There are a few simple methods to follow.

Today, I will discuss some very simple methods that you can practice daily. Also, how to take extra care of the skin on a special occasion. As it is important to prepare the skin before makeup, just as it is necessary to make some makeup after makeup. Otherwise, how to hold the skin on the next occasion? Let’s not know.


Skin care:

Come first to dry skin care:

Those whose skin is dry, do not use anything like soap at this time. Use a very gentle face-wash.

Do not take steam in the mouth. Then the normal oil on the skin will go away. If there is a problem with blackheads or whiteheads, steam can be taken once a day.

Massage with almond oil for 5 minutes before going to bed daily and keep it overnight.

This is all about normal care. But I want to increase the brightness of the skin a little more care.

The best and easiest facepack for winter is dry and dry milk mixture for dry skin. If raw milk is not available, powdered milk can be used in boiling water. You can use it daily if you want.

The day you have a feast, take care a little more. For this, you will need 2 tablespoons basin, 1 tablespoon tuck yogurt, 1 tablespoon honey. This pack will also serve as a scrub in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Return from the invitation or ceremony and make the makeup very well. You can use olive oil for this. Then add a banana paste, 1 teaspoon honey and one teaspoon of tuck curd or milk and keep it in the mouth for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The bass is ready for the next show. Those whose skin is normal can also use these packs.

Now come to oily skin care
Those who have oily skin, they can use a mixture of honey and rose water in their daily care. Put it on your face and wash for 5 minutes. Or 1/2 teaspoon tomato pulp, 2 drops of lemon juice and a little mulberry soil.

Before going to a feast or a ceremony, mix 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon tadkai and 1 teaspoon mina herbal sandalwood for 5 minutes. Then rinse lightly. The pack will serve as a scrub as well.

Remove the makeup from the ceremony or invitation. Oily skin means a tendency to acne. So this pack is very effective in keeping the skin well. Mix 2 tablespoons mint leaves and honey and put it on the face for 5 minutes. Then wash the oil free and apply a moisturizer.

Hair care:

There is no alternative to oil to keep the hair good. At least that’s what I believe. Apply oil on hair continuously for 2-3 days. In this case apply a mixture of olive oil, castor oil and almond oil to the hair follicles. And the rest of the hair is a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil. Wash overnight the next day.

In a bowl, mix the eggs according to the length of the egg and the hair. Apply it all over the hair for 5 minutes then shampoo. You can use this pack one day a week. And one day a month, mix it with Mehdi. Put it in the same way for 5 minutes and wash.

Before washing the hair on the day of the feast or feast, apply lemon juice to the entire hair for 5 minutes. Then shampoo. If the oil is already applied to the hair, just add lemon juice. If no oil is provided, make a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil and apply it on the hair. It will make your hair bright and silky.

Try not to use a hair dryer. And if you set the hair with a spray or moose or use a strainer or curler machine, you must come back and apply good oil on your hair. The next morning mix 1 egg and half cup of milk and put it in the hair for 20 minutes. Then wash and apply conditioner.

By taking care of this rule, your skin will be radiant and your hair will be shiny throughout the winter. So why not delay, start today, take care and become more productive.


Written by – Dr. Bithi

Uni hospital

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