Irregular Period !!! Learn about causes and treatments

Fertility of a female from 2-5 years of age to 3-5 years. That is, ovaries are produced every month at this time for the baby to grow. If the ovary is not fertilized with sperm, it can be released from the woman’s body through menstrual bleeding. This monthly cycle or period cycle is calculated from the start of one cycle to the first day of the next cycle. But for various reasons, this rule may occur in rhythm or sometimes it may be completely closed monthly after month. The average duration of a regular period cycle is 20 days. This can change depending on the woman’s body, weather or month. However, it is generally considered a regular period, even if it is a bike for 25 days. This is called the irregular period if it is less or more or if the bike is changed repeatedly. Irregular or irregular periods are a common problem in women’s bodies. Let’s not know why some of his reasons are irregular periods.

Causes of irregular periods
1) Adolescence
Reasons for Adolescent Irregular Period –

At the beginning of adolescence, usually in the age group of 12-20, many people lack estrogen and progesterone hormone, but the period may be irregular. Periods may also be irregular due to birth defects.

2) Birth control pill
Birth Control Pill Causes Irregular Period –

Periods may be irregular if married women abruptly stop the birth control pill or change their medication frequently.

3) PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome
Causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Irregular Period –

This is a known hormone problem that is in the range of 3-5% of women. This does not result in ovulation from the ovary every month. These ovaries form cyst in the ovary and accumulate around the ovary and the body’s hormone balance is lost. Menstrual periods are not the same because of hormone imbalances. Sometimes it can be closed.

1) Stress or stress
The cause of irregular periods is stress

The brain contains a special part called the hypothalamus, from which various types of hormones are regularly excreted. Some of these hormones, which act as an effector for menstruation in the female body. But many times the hypothalamus does not function properly when suffering from additional stress. Thereby delaying the start of the menses.

2) Weight less or more
The cause of irregular periods of being overweight or overweight –

Ozone variations have an impact on the period. Most obese women have problems with ovulation, with fat accumulating around the ovary. As a result, the period is not regular. At the same time, very poor health can also irregular the period.

3) Thyroid problems
If you have thyroid there is irregular period .Thyroid gland that lies just below our throat. It controls the body’s metabolism as well as regulates the body’s internal activity. Your menstrual cycle may be due to any problems with the thyroid gland.

Another major cause of irregular menstruation is illness. As the immune system diminishes, the body becomes weaker, causing the period to become irregular.

Menopause usually lasts for 5 years or the period closes once. Menopause can often begin within 3-5 years. This is called pre-menopause. Periods are irregular during this pre-menopause.

Breast feeding
Breast feeding is called natural constructive or natural birth control. Periods for mothers who breastfeed their babies are usually closed or irregular.

Extra heavy exercise
Excess heavy exercise leads to irregular periods .

Periods may be irregular or delayed if you exercise extra. Those who do racer, heavyweight lifting or work hard on a regular basis for other reasons, may suffer from this problem. Because excess exercise lowers estrogen levels. This may cause the period to close.

Many problems occur if there is no regular period. If one month is not seen another month. In many cases, there may be two to three months consecutive periods. Sometimes there is little bleeding, sometimes more. The reduction in child holding capacity is approx. An unwanted pregnancy can also occur. Also, sometimes the mood is irritable and uncomfortable.

When will you go to the doctor?
Usually in some cases in life there can be irregular periods. There is nothing to fear. However, in some cases irregular periods must result in the seeking of a doctor, such as:

  •  If the period becomes more irregular.
  •  If not for three months period.
  •  If the period is on a 24-day cycle.
  •  If the period is longer than 3 days.
  •  If there is excess pain in the period or there is too much heavy flow.
  •  If the period is longer than one week.
  • If the period closes before the age of 5 or after the age of 5, the period continues.

Occasionally there is nothing to worry about if the period is a little bit irregular. However, the period is a taboo in our society. Many girls secretly suffer from various problems over the period but do not tell anyone. As a result, many times serious danger comes down. So if there are too many irregular periods or anything unusual about the period, contact a genius specialist immediately.

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